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Big Takeover Issue #83
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Zach Gabbard of Sunday Fed Creek Birds - Photo Credit: Erin Volk Gabbard

Song Premiere: "Say It's OK" by Sunday Fed Creek Birds

14 December 2018

Zach Gabbard of American rock band Buffalo Killers collaborates with various artists on an engaging series of singles as Sunday Fed Creek Birds.

TinyKingdomsAlex Zarek

Video Premiere: "The Season" by Tiny Kingdoms

13 December 2018

Chicago indie/alt-rock band Tiny Kingdoms releases a merry house party video for their bittersweet and wistful holiday-themed single.

YoungHuntingZach Rockwood

Song Premiere: "Every Living Thing" by Young Hunting

13 December 2018

L.A.-based dream-pop/indie folk band Young Hunting unveil a lyrically personal psych-soul single from their upcoming second album.

Jason T. Lamoreaux of The Corrupting Sea - live - Photo Credit: M. Cody McPhail

Album Premiere: Ghosts by The Corrupting Sea

12 December 2018

Soundscape music project The Corrupting Sea (AKAJason T. Lamoreaux) unveils a trance-like meditation on the past and hopeful future.

Norman Salant

NEWS: New Album from NYC-based singer-songwriter Norman Salant

11 December 2018

NYC-based veteran singer-songwriter Norman Salant (known as an innovative avant-pop saxophonist) releases a rich and vivid LP.

Allister Thompson of Twilight Fields

NEWS: Singer-songwriter Twilight Fields release "Demagogue" single

11 December 2018

Canadian singer-songwriter Twilight Fields (AKA Allister Thompson) releases a politically-charged single from his upcoming LP.

James and the Transmission - Photo Credit: Irving Saldana

Song Premiere: "Projectors" by James and the Transmission

11 December 2018

L.A.-based rock ‘n’ roll band James and the Transmission unleash a fiery and dynamic track from their upcoming second EP.


Song Premiere: "Hey Dragon" by HOLY WOW!

11 December 2018

Electronic rock music project HOLY WOW! (AKA NYC music scene fixture Dmitry Wild) delivers a pumped-up, melodic-noise cut.

Pablo Dylan

Video Premiere: "Undone" (Performance Video) by Pablo Dylan

10 December 2018

Pablo Dylan (grandson of legend Bob Dylan) comes into his own, delivering an entrancing insightful, storytelling live performance video.

PatheticFallacyChloe Brenna

Album Premiere: Regicide EP by Pathetic Fallacy

7 December 2018

Central NJ-based metal/hardcore band Pathetic Fallacy release an aggressive, melodic, and socio-politically relevant EP.

DadBrainslivePhotoCreditAlbert Munoz

Song Premiere: "It's Christmas Time" by Dad Brains

6 December 2018

SoCal punkers Dad Brains (who are all dads) team up with Philly Ramones cover band Ramoms (who are all moms) for a fun ‘n’ furious holiday 7”.

Silent Carnival Caterina Fede

Video Premiere: "Somewhere" by Silent Carnival

6 December 2018

Italian dark folk/post-rock music project Silent Carnival (led by Marco Giambrone) releases a video for a meditative downtempo single.

Tennis System - Photo courtesy of Graveface Records

Video Premiere: "L I E" by Tennis System

5 December 2018

Acclaimed post-punk band Tennis System unleash a exhilarating performance video for their thrillingly propulsive and abrasive single.

Parabola West by Vanessa Wood.

Video Premiere: "Calling Your Name" by Parabola West

4 December 2018

New Zealand-residing American and Celtic/Nordic-influenced singer-songwriter Parabola West unveils a mysterious fairytale noir video.

Perpacity feat. Neil Francis

Video Premiere: "Words are Faith and Water" by Perpacity feat. Neil Francis

4 December 2018

Electronic duo Perpacity drops a heartfelt and joyous symphonic pop single/video featuring vocalist/radio DJ Neil Francis on uplifting vocals.

Coach's Son - Photo Credit: Sean Varga Photography

Album Premiere: I Don't Know Much About Art, But I Know What Makes Me Mad EP by Coach's Son

30 November 2018

New Jersey punk rock band Coach’s Son releases a passionate, vulnerable, and dynamic debut EP via Jetsam-Flotsam.

Alpha du Centaure - live

Album Premiere: Le Déséquilibre Originel EP by Alpha Du Centaure

30 November 2018

French post-rock band Alpha du Centaure release a vivid, dynamic, and transporting second EP that showcases their evolution in sound.

The Planets Won't Let You Sleep Tonight

Album Premiere: Destroy Beautiful Things by The Planets Won't Let You Sleep Tonight

29 November 2018

The vibrant, mesmerizing debut LP from electronic/pop artist Kasson Crooker and the late Sonja Eve Tea is finally released and serves as Sonja’s legacy.

Quentin Sauvé by Florian Renault

Video Premiere: "People To Take Care Of" (live) by Quentin Sauvé

29 November 2018

French musician/singer-songwriter releases a live performance video that showcases his heartfelt, light vocals and post-rock/folk sound.

Fairy Bones - Photo Credit: Marisa Silva

Video Premiere: "I'm Fine" by Fairy Bones

28 November 2018

Phoenix punk/indie rock band Fairy Bones unveils an animated video for a lyrically powerful and emotive single from their second LP.

Darwin's Finches - Photo Credit: Richard Tomcala

Song Premiere: "Hosea!" by Darwin's Finches

28 November 2018

Texan psych/garage rock band Darwin’s Finches delivers a tense and compelling track off their upcoming LP on Artificial Head Record & Tapes.

Burning House  photo by George Evans

Video Premiere: "Mirror Song" by Burning House

27 November 2018

British noisegaze (alt-rock and shoegaze) trio Burning House unveil a video for a potent and transporting single off their upcoming LP.

High Praise

Song Premiere: "Avalanched" by High Praise

27 November 2018

Matt Traxler of renowned ’90s emo/rock band Brandtson teams up with Kevin Fagan of S.S.&C. for a new instrumental post-rock project.

GospelbeacHbyDarrin Noble

Song Premiere: "California Steamer" (live) by GospelbeacH

26 November 2018

GospelbeacH (co-founded by Brent Rademaker of Beachwood Sparks) release a spirited and engaging live track from their upcoming LP.


Video Premiere: "For You" by Ben Millburn

26 November 2018

Ben Millburn and his band, just off a U.S. tour, release the last narrative video for a bluesy Americana tune off their recent LP.

Big Takeover #83 - Alvvays

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24 November 2018

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Strange Monsters

Album Premiere: Strange Monsters II or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Strange Monsters

23 November 2018

Pittsburgh-based indie rock band Strange Monsters brings their wit and grit to a hard-hitting to mellower LP out next week via Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.


Song Premiere: "Licht" by Vlimmer

21 November 2018

German music project Vlimmer (AKA Alexander Leonard Donat) releases a foreboding and shadowy darkwave single from upcoming double EP.

Spacefest 2018 poster

NEWS: SpaceFest Set for Flight, Spaceman Will Carruthers to head Pure Phase Ensemble

20 November 2018

SpaceFest! 2018, the premier space-/psych-/drone-rock (and much more) music festival launches Dec 7th – 8th in Gdańsk, Poland.

Moist - photo by Dan Wahlbeck

Song Premiere: "Firefly" by Moist feat. Maria Marcus

20 November 2018

Swedish artist, remixer, and producer Moist, AKA David Elfström Lilja, drops a glowing and potent pop song from his upcoming LP.


Video Premiere: "Chemical" by Go Fight

20 November 2018

Jim Marcus (Die Warzau) and company deliver a fun, self-described electro-scuzz/dance romp in song and video form.

John Doe

Song Premiere: "Wheels" (Particle Kid cover) by John Doe

19 November 2018

The renowned John Doe (X) releases a split 12” with Particle Kid for Record Store Day Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

Swervedriver - Photo Credit: Steve Gullick

Video Premiere: "Drone Lover" by Swervedriver

16 November 2018

Renowned space rock ‘n’ roll band Swervedriver deliver a socio-politically relevant number with accompanying video off their upcoming LP.

Dei Lucrii 2

Album Premiere: Dei Lucrii EP by Dei Lucrii

16 November 2018

SoCal indie psych-/noise-punk band Dei Lucrii, made up of SoCal punk rock veterans, drops its driving, gritty debut EP.

Avy of Sharkboy

Video Premiere: "Spell" by Sharkboy

15 November 2018

Nineties atmospheric cinema-rock band Sharkboy (led by Avy) returns with the unveiling of a spellbinding song and stop-motion, storytelling video.


Album Premiere: Knife of Sin EP by Big'n

14 November 2018

Chicagoan noise-rock band Big’n deliver an abrasive, fiery, and compelling EP recorded by Steve Albini via Computer Students.

Michael and Tish Ciravolo at NAMM

Video Premiere: "Look Up" by Beauty in Chaos feat. Tish Ciravolo

13 November 2018

True supergroup Beauty In Chaos (led by Michael Ciravolo) delivers a striking shoegaze single and video featuring sweet vocals from Tish Ciravolo.

Crooked Ghost - Photo Credit: Rome Widenhouse

Video Premiere: "Sleepwalker" by Crooked Ghost

13 November 2018

Asheville, NC-based indie rock/post-punk band Crooked Ghost unveils an intriguing video for a dark dreamscape single off their upcoming LP.

Live Footage - Photo Credit: Charles Billot

Video Premiere: "Dreamt" by Live Footage

13 November 2018

Brookyn avant-electro duo Live Footage unveil a subdued painted-images video for their meditative downtempo single off their new record.

David Dodini of Orissa

Video Premiere: "Blue Communion" by Orissa

12 November 2018

NYC-based prog-/cinematic rock/metal project Orissa (led by David Dodini) unveils an entrancing video that features the band and two skilled dancers.

Elvyn Rhud

Video Premiere: "Orange Is For Love” by Elvyn Rhud

12 November 2018

French psych-rock band Elvyn Rhud drops a hypnotic video for its narcotic single off a split 7” out via Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.

Possum Moods - Photo courtesy of Emotional Response Records

Album Premiere: Northern Times by Possum Moods

9 November 2018

Engaging LP from DIY supergroup Possum Moods (Jen Turrell and Stewart Anderson of Boyracer, Mia Schoen of Cannanes and Huon, and Harriet and Phoebe of Olsen Twins).

Xymox - Photo Credit: Edmund Messerschmidt

Song Premiere: "Blind Hearts" (Club Mix) by Xymox

8 November 2018

Renowned electronic/synth noir act Xymox (AKA Clan of Xymox) reissues their LP Twist of Shadows with bonus tracks via Pylon Records.

Lightfoils - Photo Credit: Neil Yodnane

Video Premiere: "This Time Is Up" by Lightfoils

7 November 2018

Chicagoan shoegaze/dream-pop band Lightfoils shine brightly with a dynamic performance video for a storming, yet ethereal single.

Andy Dixon of Gumshoe - Photo courtesy of HHBTM Records

Song Premiere: "Never Enough" by Gumshoe

7 November 2018

Americana/troubadour band Gumshoe, led by Andy Dixon, drops an affecting, world-weary dirge from their upcoming LP.

Evi Vine - Photo Credit: Paul Harries

Song Premiere: "Sabbath" by Evi Vine feat. Simon Gallup

6 November 2018

Evi Vine (artist and band) unveils a mysterious and compelling track featuring The Cure’s Simon Gallop off upcoming album.

Stewart Anderson of Boyracer and child - Photo courtesy of Emotional Response

NEWS: Veteran independent act Boyracer releases new politically charged video - GO VOTE!!

6 November 2018

Original member Stewart Anderson (Emotional Response record label), Jen Turrell, and more rev it up with call to unite and vote!

Andy Gonzales of Marshmallow Coast - Photo courtesy of HHBTM Records

Album Premiere: Memory Girl by Marshmallow Coast

5 November 2018

Andy Gonzales releases Marshmallow Coast’s 10th enjoyable, optimistic, and 1980s-influenced LP via HHBTM and delivers track-by-track rundown.

Shaun Mason of Dumb Angel - Photo Credit: Will Kaufhold

Video Premiere: "Like a Wave, Like the Tide" by Dumb Angel

5 November 2018

Canadian shoegazers Dumb Angel, led by songwriter Shaun Mason, hone in on homesickness on their new gently gleaming single.

The Persian Leaps - Photo Credit: Drew Johnson

NEWS: The Persian Leaps detail a Track-By-Track rundown of their recent LP

2 November 2018

Power-pop/indie rock band The Persian Leaps give a detailed and interesting behind-the-scenes view of their latest album Pop That Goes Crunch.