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Big Takeover Issue #83
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Song Premiere: "Pull Out Your Knives" by Jeen

11 September 2018

Canadian indie alt-pop/rock artist Jeen (Cookie Duster) delivers a galloping rock track and timely message from her upcoming LP.

Electric Six - Photo Credit: Mark Wright

Song Premiere: "Daddy's Boy" by Electric Six

10 September 2018

Wild Detroit bunch Electric Six, fronted by charismatic Dick Valentine, unleash powerful and infectious forces with their 14th LP.

Dan Koshute

Album Premiere: All the Way Always by Dan Koshute

7 September 2018

Pittsburgh musician Dan Koshute (former frontman of glam rock act Dazzletine) delivers an accomplished, passionate solo LP.

Pete WIlde - Joel Bear Studios

Song Premiere: "Savior" by Pete Wilde

7 September 2018

Charismatic and dynamic LA-based singer-songwriter/guitarist Pete Wilde lets loose on his latest energetic rock ‘n’ roll number.


Album Premiere: Child of My Sorrow by The Chairman Dances

7 September 2018

Philadelphia indie rock band The Chairman Dances (Eric Crewson, bandmates, and guests) drops an engaging, instrumentally diverse LP.

CharlieTreatPhotoCreditRob Bondurant

Song Premiere: "Look Around" by Charlie Treat

6 September 2018

Rural farm-raised, Nashville-residing singer-songwriter Charlie Treat releases a reflective, plaintive Americana number from his upcoming EP.

The Lautreamonts

Album Premiere: Who Are You Wearing? EP by The Lautreamonts

5 September 2018

Brazilian post-punk duo The Lautreamonts release their beautiful and moody debut EP via Rio de Janeiro-based Efusiva Records.

Nuke The Soup

Video Premiere: "Network" by Nuke The Soup

5 September 2018

Nuke The Soup (AKA Mark Davison and guests) drops an upbeat number with thoughtful lyrics about war, news, and commercialism.

Darto - Photo Credit: Dusty Henry

Song Premiere: "Everyday Actor" by Darto

4 September 2018

Seattle experimental rock band Darto drop a change-of-pace single with female vocals and electronics from their upcoming EP.

NevilleStapleJohn Coles

Video Premiere: "Rebel Down" by Neville & Sugary Staple feat. Roddy Radiation

4 September 2018

After the tragic stabbing death of his nephew, renowned ska artist Neville Staple shares message to stop knife violence and releases new tune.

Springhouse 1991Michael Lavine

NEWS: New York Band Springhouse, Celebrating 30th Anniversary, To Play First Show in Eight Years as part of Kalamazoo, MI’s Dreampop/Shoegaze Festival “Kalamashoegazer 12”, With Texas’s Ringo Deathstarr, California’s Soft Science, and More.

1 September 2018

Three decades after their formation, New York’s legendary proto-dreampop/shoegaze/indie-rock/post-punk trio Springhouse—including our own Big Takeover editor Jack Rabid on drums and occasional lead vocals—has accepted an invitation to come out of retirement with all original members, to play their first show in eight years as part of the 12th edition of Kalamazoo, MI’s premier dreampop/shoegaze/beautiful noise festival, Kalamashoegazer 12!

Swingin' Utters - Photo Credit: Alan Snodgrass

Album Premiere: Peace And Love by Swingin' Utters

30 August 2018

Renowned veteran street punk band Swingin’ Utters unleashes a tuneful, politically charged LP that fights the good fight against nationalism, sexism, and racism.


Song Premiere: "HAHA Lol" by Fenster

30 August 2018

German-French-American band Fenster opens to the door to varied musical possibilities on their upcoming recorded-live-in-one-room LP.

OlsenTwinsPhotoCreditMia Shoen

Video Premiere: "Eternal Water Falling" by Olsen Twins

29 August 2018

Australian sisters Phoebe and Harriet Robertson keep it simple, rough, and fresh on a video for track with a nostalgic narrative.


Video Premiere: "California" by Crushwater

29 August 2018

Washington-based indie trio Crushwater deliver sweet harmonies, thoughtful lyrics, and acoustic folk with a side of rock on its new video.

The Mutineers - Clovis IV

Song Premiere: "Couldn’t Get Over You" by The Mutineers

28 August 2018

Portland, OR rock ‘n’ roll husband-wife duo The Mutineers deliver a warm and harmonious Americana/rock song from their upcoming EP.

Martin Bisi - Photo Credit: Joan Hacker

Video Premiere: "Dig A Hole" by This Wilderness

27 August 2018

Veteran producer Martin Bisi and his Brooklyn studio, BC Studio, are celebrated on an LP with contributions from members of Swans, Cop Shoot Cop, Angels of Light, and more.

moderntimemachinesPhotoCreditKimberly Zsebe

Video Premiere: "A Little Late" by Modern Time Machines

27 August 2018

LA-based shoegaze act Modern Time Machines drops a video for a dreamily reflective track (with Jason Ruck of Film School on keys) off its latest LP.

Beach Goons – Photo Credit: Suzi Moon

NEWS: SoCal garage-punk band Beach Goons release new album hoodratscumbags

25 August 2018

Logan Heights-located garage-punk/rock/pop band Beach Goons drop their new sharply produced, tuneful, and stirring LP via GRNDVW.

Church Girls - Photo Credit: Marissa Carroll

Song Premiere: "Dead Wood" by Church Girls

24 August 2018

Philadelphian indie rock/post-punk band Church Girls drop a heartfelt Americana single (with rock ending) from their upcoming EP.

MarsMotel live - Leo Mascaro

Video Premiere: "City Streets" (live) by Mars Motel

23 August 2018

Brooklyn-based dream-rock band Mars Motel deliver an engaging live performance video of a B-side from their recent live sessions album.

HelgaIcons Creating Evil Art

Song Premiere: "Battle Song" by Helga

22 August 2018

Introspective Swedish singer-songwriter Helga reflects on the state of the environment on an intense, driven new single.

Clark Twain - Photo Credit: Adam Kingman

Song Premiere: "Try Too Hard" by Clark Twain

22 August 2018

Austin, TX singer-songwriter Clark Twain releases a serene and harmonious 2nd single from his upcoming debut album.

Rude Audio - Photo Credit: Ali Ingle

Video Premiere: "To The Sun" by Rude Audio

21 August 2018

London-based dub/electronic act Rude Audio drop a new video for the crisp lead tune off its upcoming EP on Zirkus Records.


NEWS: Dot Dash album Proto Retro out now on The Beautiful Music

21 August 2018

The 6th album from garage rock/pop band Dot Dash is out now and showcases the act’s poppier, janglier side while retaining its punk energy.

The Spiral ElectricJared Byrd

Song Premiere: "No Bridge Left Unburned" by The Spiral Electric

20 August 2018

San Francisco-based psych/alt-rock band The Spiral Electric unleashes its heavy and dynamic lead single from an upcoming double LP.


Video Premiere: "All You Sad Boys" by United Ghosts

20 August 2018

LA-based exploratory dream-pop duo United Ghost add energetic psych and electronic elements to their indie pop/shoegaze sound.

Jet Black - Photo Credit: Aaron Snow

Album Premiere: L'ère du Vide by Jet Black

17 August 2018

French-Canadian atmospheric alternative rock band Jet Black release a transporting, dynamic to reflective post-rock/ shoegaze/space rock album.

SPIN - Photo Credit: howsaboutNOW? Records

Video Premiere: "What's It Gonna Take" by SPiN

16 August 2018

Buzzed-about Philly rock band SPiN (known for viral “Zombie Girl” video) take a chance on a new pop/electro sound for their upcoming LP.

Great Lake Swimmers - Gaëlle Legrand

Album Premiere: The Waves, The Wake by Great Lake Swimmers

15 August 2018

Renowned Canadian band Great Lake Swimmers resurface with a gracefully engaging and lyrically poignant alt-folk/chamber-pop LP.

K Michelle DuBois - Photo Credit: Ally Land

Song Premiere: "Wild Weed" by K Michelle DuBois

14 August 2018

Atlanta, GA-based pop-rock singer-songwriter K Michelle DuBois drops the sparking, melodic lead single from her upcoming third LP.

Summer Magic - Photo Credit: Nate Burrell

Song Premiere: "A Certain Little Chord" by Summer Magic

14 August 2018

Summer Magic (AKA Kevin Bachmann, previously in shoegaze band Troubadour Dali) releases a sunny, propulsive power pop track.

WHOLE - Photo courtesy of Blackjack Illuminist Records

Song Premiere: "Tides Made by Our Hands" by WHOLE

13 August 2018

German post-punk/electronic duo WHOLE (AKA Alexander Leonard Donat and Thomas Schernikau) bow their driven, noir first single.

Austin Coleman

Album Premiere: Long Mile From Home by Austin Coleman

10 August 2018

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Austin Coleman radiates luminescent, engaging alt-country vibes on his second album.

Social Room

Song Premiere: "Not Asking For The World" by Social Room

10 August 2018

British indie rock band Social Room expand their vivid palette with a reflective, classic singer-songwriter number from their upcoming EP.

Gene Micofsky

Video Premiere: "Not That Strong" by Gene Micofsky

9 August 2018

LA-based composer/singer-songwriter Gene Micofsky reveals a cinematic video for a slowly building, dramatic song from his upcoming LP.

Tres Leches - Photo Credit: Jake Hanson

Song Premiere: "I Try" by Tres Leches

8 August 2018

Seattle-located art/noise/garage rock band Tres Leches drops a sonically dynamic and emotively lacerating single.

Dirty Streets - Photo Credit: Bob Bayne

Video Premiere: "Dream" by Dirty Streets

8 August 2018

Memphis-based blues and psych-influenced rock band Dirty Streets drops a dreamier track with video from their upcoming LP.

PILES - Photo Credit: Bas Mantel

Video Premiere: "Drones and Piles" by PILES

7 August 2018

French experimental and intense drumming trio PILES pummel the eardrums with high-energy rhythms and intriguing patterns.

Carli Naff - Photo Credit: Morgan Court

Song Premiere: "Clean" by Carli Naff

7 August 2018

NYC transplant (from Arizona) singer-songwriter Carli Naff delivers an emotionally spellbinding first single from her upcoming EP.


Song Premiere: "The Far Side" by m1nk

7 August 2018

Darkly alluring UK-Greece duo m1nk (musician Barry Snaith and vocalist Erika Bach) unveil an atmospherically noir composition.

Lenny Zenith

Video premiere: Lenny Zenith, "What If The Sun"

6 August 2018

The pioneering transgender rocker goes all in on his solo debut.

Grandpa Jack - Photo Credit: Dada Shikako

Album Premiere: Grandpa Jack by Grandpa Jack

3 August 2018

Brooklyn, NY power rock trio Grandpa Jack release a heavy, dynamic, and textured self-titled album that delves into psychedelic rock.


Video Premiere: "Storm Cellar" by Elysian Fields

3 August 2018

Veteran NYC art-rock/dream-pop act Elysian Fields return to the fore with a mysterious rock noir album and European tour.

Ghost X Gardens

Song Premiere: "Heartbreak Hotel Chelsea" by Ghost X Gardens

3 August 2018

NY-based art rocker Ghost X Gardens pens a love letter to his temporary stay at the (in)famous Chelsea Hotel on his upcoming LP.

Pete International Airport - Video Still Credit: Paul Dillon

Video Premiere: "Western Shouting" by Pete International Airport

2 August 2018

East and West collide on a mesmerizing video/track by neo-psych-rock band Pete International Airport (Peter G. Holmström of The Dandy Warhols).

Silent Forum - Photo Credit: Jaydon Martin

Video Premiere: "How I Faked The Moon Landing" by Silent Forum

1 August 2018

Welsh indie rock band Silent Forum are set to release an infectiously poppy single and amusing game arcade-set video.

The Mommyheads - Photo Credit: Kevin Condon

Video Premiere: "First Baby Born of Cosmic Rage" by The Mommyheads

31 July 2018

Long-running indie rock/pop band The Mommyheads return after 6 years with a dynamic, gritty, and socially relevant song/video.

Autumn - Photo credit: Bobby Talamine

NEWS: Seminal '90s post-punk trio Autumn announce U.S. tour

31 July 2018

Long-running post-punk/gothic rock band Autumn released their latest album Chandelier early this year via Sett Records.

Citrus Clouds - Photo Credit: Mildrette Armenta

Song Premiere: "Golden Sun" by Citrus Clouds

30 July 2018

Arizona, home of ’90s Beautiful Noise scene, offers up another, newer radiant dream-pop/shoegaze band named Citrus Clouds.