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The Big Takeover Issue #82
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Car Crash Sisters

Video Premiere: "In Another World" by Car Crash Sisters

15 May 2018

Mexican shoegaze/alternative rock band Car Crash Sisters drop a video for a dynamic track off their debut album.

Will Sprott

Video Premiere: "Alien Eye" by Will Sprott

14 May 2018

LA-based artist Will Sprott (Shannon and the Clams, La Luz) unveils a black ‘n’ white video – with aliens – for a track off his LP on Burger Records.


Video Premiere: "Stories" by Sanderlings

14 May 2018

Santa Barbara pop-punk band Sanderlings (led by Woody Locke) drops an amusing video for a track off its upcoming album.


Album Premiere: YUM 1 & YUM 2 by S T F U

12 May 2018

Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO) and Preston Maddox (Bloody Knives) join forces again on a mesmerizing, immersive, and atmospheric double album.

Duncan Lloyd

Video Premiere: "Really" by Duncan Lloyd

11 May 2018

The Maximo Park guitarist goes solo and releases a wandering, black ‘n’ white video for a track off his new album.

Nicholas Merz - photo by Gordon De Los Santos

Song Premiere: "Bulled Rose" by Nicholas Merz

10 May 2018

Nicholas Merz of Seattle indie rock band Darto goes solo on his upcoming debut album arriving via Aagoo Records.

Actioness; Photo Credit: Michaela Patrick

Album Premiere: DEEP EP by Actionesse

10 May 2018

Punk rock/horncore four-piece Actionesse revel in absurdity and dissonance on its odd, yet compelling upcoming EP.

JohnWesleyHardingPhotoCreditShervion Lainez

Song Premiere: "Benedictus" by John Wesley Harding (with Eric Bazilian)

9 May 2018

Renowned singer-songwriter (and renaissance man) Wesley Stace (aka John Wesley Harding) returns with his first album of cover songs.


Song Premiere: "Doctor Doctor" by Gene Clark

4 May 2018

Rarities from legend Gene Clark (The Byrds) are unearthed and showcased on a new album from Omnivore Recordings.

Em of Winter Witches

Video Premiere: "Knightsbridge" by Winter Witches

3 May 2018

Australian outfit Winter Witches explore the intricacies of queer identity through their atmospheric dream-pop and new video.

SleepspentPhotoCreditJon-Carlo Diaz

Album Premiere: It's Better If You Don't Speak Or Think EP by Sleepspent

2 May 2018

El Paso, Texas indie rock/shoegaze band Sleepspent unveils its involving, brooding, and restless debut EP via Slow Start Records.


Song Premiere: "Undo" by Searmanas

1 May 2018

NYC-based electronic artist Searmanas (aka Niabi Aquena) unveils a mystic, cinematic single from her debut LP on Cleopatra Records.

Matt_C_White_Dada Shikako

Album Premiere: wallow in the hollow. by Matt C. White

30 April 2018

Native North Carolinian blues-rock/folk singer-songwriter/musician Matt C. White debuts his involving, emotive, and acoustic-driven album.

Skating Polly; Photo Credit: Angel Ceballos 2

Song Premiere: "Free Will At Ease" by Skating Polly

27 April 2018

Alternative music band Skating Polly release a compelling track from their upcoming album that melds the best of gritty rock and melodic pop.


Album Premiere: Forever Orbiter by The City Gates

27 April 2018

Canadian shoegaze/post-punk darlings The City Gates bow a dynamic and vividly transporting, reflective and rockin’ second album.


Song Premiere: "We Are Not Alone" by LEEDS

26 April 2018

Spacehog’s frontman Royston Langdon returns in solo singer-songwriter form as LEEDS with a dreamy, David Bowiesque piano pop number.

King Ropes 2

Video Premiere: "Dogeared" by King Ropes

26 April 2018

Montana-based garage rock band King Ropes, led by Dave Hollier, release a video focused on the cycle of urban/rural decay and renewal.


Video Premiere: "Goin' Through Your Purse" by Honeychain

25 April 2018

LA-based indie rock band honeychain deliver a gritty and rollicking cover of a Material Issue tune while spotlighting their hometown.

Kurt Stifle and the Swing Shift

Video Premiere: "Swampee" by Kurt Stifle and the Swing Shift

25 April 2018

Long-time musician Kurt Schellenbach, back as Kurt Stifle and the Swing Shift, brings some fun back to music videos with a sock puppet romp.

Shriekback - Photo Credit: Karen Moskowitz

Video Premiere: "And The Rain" by Shriekback

24 April 2018

Renowned British New Wave / dark rock outfit Shriekback returns with an foreboding and rhythmically restless first single off their upcoming LP.

Hawk - band photo

Song Premiere: "Listen Like Thieves" by Hawk

24 April 2018

Supergroup Hawk (David Hawkins, Gary Louris of the Jayhawks, Ken Stringfellow of The Posies, and Pete Thomas of Elvis Costello’s Attractions) deliver a classic power-pop number.


Song Premiere: "Hobbit Rock" by Cosmos Sunshine

23 April 2018

Brooklyn-based psych-rocker Cosmos Sunshine lights up with a rockin’ Tolkien- and Sweden-inspired track from his upcoming LP.

Screamin' Jay Hawkins - comp LP

Song Premiere: "Clam Bake" (remastered) by Screamin' Jay Hawkins

23 April 2018

Rock ‘n’ roll legend Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ Bizarre Records output gets compiled and expanded with several bonus tracks.


Song Premiere: "This One's Taken" (Demo) by The Posies

20 April 2018

Renowned power-pop band (with core of Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer) returns with expanded reissues of 3 LPs and a world tour.

Landing - Landing

Video Premiere: "Secret" by Landing

19 April 2018

Connecticut psych/space-rock band Landing rises to the sky with a new video for an ominous to uplifting tune off its upcoming LP.

Kleenex Girl Wonder

Song Premiere: "Tratteggio" by Kleenex Girl Wonder

19 April 2018

Wordsmith extraordinaire Graham Smith (recording as the band Kleenex Girl Wonder) drops it like its hot, lyrically, on an upbeat power-pop/rocker.

Sixteen Jackies

Song Premiere: "VHS #2 (Masks)" by Sixteen Jackies

18 April 2018

Philadelphia-located indie rock band Sixteen Jackies brings the noise, and melody, on a moody new tune from its upcoming EP.

Soft Science - Chantel Elder

Song Premiere: "Sooner" and "Paris" by Soft Science

17 April 2018

California dreamgraze group Soft Science reveal their new double A-side single with a delightful original and wistful cover tune.

wylderness - kirstenmcternan

Video Premiere: "Sunography" by Wylderness

17 April 2018

British shoegaze/fuzz-rock band Wylderness delivers a dynamic and expansive psych-rock number from its new album.


Song Premiere: "In Order" by Second Still

16 April 2018

LA-based (by way of Brooklyn) post-punk/coldwave band Second Still reveals a coolly alluring single from its upcoming EP.

Bloody Knives Jason Lamoreaux

NEWS: New LP and Tour Dates for dream rock/industrial/electronic band Bloody Knives

13 April 2018

Preston Maddox and company give track-by-track details of their new kaleidoscopically wild, drum ‘n’ bass-spinning, fever dream-rock album.

JessLedbetterJade Fusco

Video Premiere: "Spiritual Riddles" by Jess Ledbetter

12 April 2018

Austin, TX rock/shoegaze band Honeyrude’s lead singer Jess Ledbetter goes solo on an upcoming EP out via Shifting Sounds.


Song Premiere: "Peaceful Valley" by Slow Dancing Society

11 April 2018

American ambient artist Slow Dancing Society (aka Drew Sullivan) unveils a guitar-inflected number from his upcoming album via Hidden Shoal.

Gene D. Plumber

Song Premiere: "I Like It Like That" by Gene D. Plumber

11 April 2018

Real-life plumber and long-time Hoboken musician Gene Turonis is set to deliver a new honkytonk/rockabilly album via Bar/None.

Flesh Eating Foundation

Video Premiere: "Futurelast" by Flesh Eating Foundation

10 April 2018

British EBM cyberpunks Flesh Eating Foundation unleash a lyrically relevant and urgent electronic cut from their upcoming LP.

Leon III

Song Premiere: "Jesus" by Leon III

10 April 2018

Members of Wrinkle Neck Mules set out now as Leon III and unveil a spacious, alt-country take on a Velvet Underground lullaby.

The Shut-Ups; Photo Credit: Tony Jenkins

Album Premiere: Just Another Generation by The Shut-Ups

9 April 2018

Power pop purveyors The Shut-Ups (including Jason Nesmith of Pylon Reenactment Society and Casper & the Cookies),spring their new LP.

Today Junior Hannah Blauner

Album Premiere: Single Forever by Today Junior

6 April 2018

Ride the dynamic and appealing wave of self-described surf punx Today Junior’s new indie rock, surf rock, and punk album.

Kristin Hersh  - photo credit Peter Mellekas

Song Premiere: "LAX" (Rough Version) by Kristin Hersh

6 April 2018

Indie rock/singer-songwriter icon Kristin Hersh drops a compelling new tune and UK tour dates following the Meltdown Festival.

3 Generations of Ska Tour Poster

NEWS: 3 Generations of Ska UK tour with The Neville Staple Band, Stranger Cole, Sugary Staple, and The AC30s

6 April 2018

Renowned act The Neville Staple Band and company kicked off a UK tour on April 5th in Glasgow with one date on May 12th in California.

Video Premiere: "Encrypted" by Vast Asteroid

5 April 2018

Space rock/shoegaze supergroup (members of The Warlocks and Slaughter And The Dogs) launches into orbit with new performance video.


Song Premiere: "Vanity" by STRVNGERS

4 April 2018

Canadian post-punk/darkwave duo STRVNGERS unleashes a dramatic, high-impact noir dance track from its upcoming album.

The Room in the Wood - photo by Yvonne Marsden

Song Premiere: "Magical Thinking" by The Room in the Wood

3 April 2018

Paul Cavanagh and Dave Jackson team up again as The Room in the Woods and release a new single ahead of its EP on A Turntable Friend.

En Las Montañas de Excesos

Album Premiere: En Las Montañas de Excesos by Chris Cogburn/Ingebrigt Håker Flaten/Bob Hoffnar/Henry Kaiser

3 April 2018

Musical collective Chris Cogburn/Ingebrigt Håker Flaten/Bob Hoffnar/Henry Kaiser premiere their masterful album of free rock, fusion, and new music.

Tiger Mountain

Song Premiere: "White Nights" by Tiger Mountain

2 April 2018

Manhattan-based electronic collective Tiger Mountain (members of Dead Heart Bloom) delivers a haunting, noir electro/rock track.

Great Lakes

Album Premiere: Dreaming Too Close To The Edge by Great Lakes

30 March 2018

Former members of the Elephant 6 Collective, long-running Great Lakes (led by Ben Crum) surfaces with a deep and meaningful album and track-by-track rundown.


Video Premiere: "Hummingbird" by Chatham Rise

30 March 2018

Psych/space rock band Chatham Rise delivers a gorgeous and dreamy number and video from its upcoming album.

Matt Costa Pamela Littky

Song Premiere: "Sharon" by Matt Costa

29 March 2018

California native and singer-songwriter/musician Matt Costa releases a new retro-infused tune from his upcoming album on Dangerbird Records.

The Bipeds

Video Premiere: "A Ragged Sayonara" by The Bipeds

29 March 2018

“Imagine a soldier returning home after serving in The First World War, and discovering the transformative effects of LSD while listening to 78rpm recordings of North Carolinian banjo music. This is the sound of The Bipeds.”

Dead Leaf Echo

Video Premiere: "Temple" by Dead Leaf Echo

28 March 2018

Brooklyn music/art collective Dead Leaf Echo reverberates vividly with a new video for a gritty and emotive indie rock track.