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The Big Takeover Issue #88
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The Warming Sounds of Maggie Bjorklund

2 May 2011

We chat with Maggie Bjorklund, Danish pedal steel maestro, who discusses her attraction to the instrument—and the difficulties of learning said instrument in a remote Northern European location.

A Lull's Confetti Obsession

17 April 2011

We discuss the making of Chicago-based electronic-folk-pop band A Lull‘s impressive debut album Confetti with vocalist and mastermind Nigel Evan Dennis.

New Fumes: Yesterday's New Sounds For Tomorrow

10 April 2011

We talk with Dallas-based Daniel Huffman about his debut record, Bump & Assassination.

Generationals: Spanning Pop Music's Generations

4 April 2011

Take a little time to check out New Orleans-based Generationals, who deftly impress with their second album, Actor-Caster.


Riffs, Reverbs And The Rebirth Of Akron/Family

28 March 2011

After an internal shake-up, a period in creative limbo and a self-described rebirth the trio are back with a new album that sounds like a rain forest hoe down on acid.

The Head and The Heart: The Hardest Working Band In Indie Rock?

22 March 2011

We sit down with The Head and The Heart‘s Josiah Johnson, who talks about the band’s formation and plans for the future.

The Biters

The Biters: Melodies For Lovers and Fighters

14 March 2011

“I learned a lot of life lessons from The Heart Attacks. I’ve felt shitty for so long that to do things like that again would be really detrimental to me and The Biters.”

Street Dogs

Street Dogs: Proactive Proletariats

24 February 2011

As celebrated working class author, Nelson Algren chronicled the daily plight of urban sprawl and the street hustler’s fight for survival, Boston’s Street Dogs transformed Algren’s ghetto defendant into a symbol for collective empowerment.

God Bless Phil Wilson

14 February 2011

Legendary indie-pop songwriter Phil Wilson discusses his return after two decades, his former band, The June Brides, and his struggles with songwriting.

Chubby Wolf: The Legacy of Dani Long

16 January 2011

Will Long, the widower of ambient artist Danielle Baquat-Long, sat down to tell us a little bit about the enigmatic Chubby Wolf.

The Sky Life: Wistful Music for Wistful People

9 January 2011

Justin Carter, leader of Canadian atmospheric rockers The Sky Life, discusses the motivations and the creation of their second album, Roots and Wings

Fred Thomas: 2011 Looks Good to Me!

6 December 2010

Ypsilanti-based musician and studio wizard Fred Thomas takes a few moments to talk about his numerous projects

Small Sins: Surviving Such Great Heights

28 November 2010

Small Sins frontman Thomas D’arcy talks about his band’s third album, Pot Calls Kettle Black, working with John McEntire, and how he survived the Postal Service-induced synth-pop explosion.

The Moondoggies: They're An American Band

15 November 2010

Seattle’s The Moondoggies return with an impressive sophomore album, Tidelands. Guitarist/singer Kevin Murphy talks about the album, and their distinctive yet familiar sound.

Blissfully Aware: Keith Canisius

7 November 2010

This week we look at the work of Copenhagen-based musician Keith Canisius, upon the release of his third album, This Time It’s Our High.

The Unintentionally Prolific Kendl Winter

1 November 2010

Though Kendl Winter recently released her fourth solo album, Apple Core, it is a mere drop in the bucket for this Arkansas-gone-Olympia musician.

Having A Slow-Rising Rave Up With Pete International Airport's Peter Holmström

26 October 2010

Taking a breather from his day-job as guitarist for The Dandy Warhols, Peter Holmström and his cohorts from the Portland psych-rock scene have created an album of enjoyable, mellow psychedelia.

The Hangmen

The Hangmen: Still Cheating Death

1 October 2010

The Hangmen aren’t celluloid heroes and won’t be featured on any tourist star map, but they will be celebrated with Lost Rocks, a collection of their raucous country infused punk rock spanning their 25 year history.

The Lustkillers

Warts and All: The Lustkillers Resolve to Release That Which Won’t Kill Us

29 September 2010

With his latest band, former Black Halos guitarist Adam Becvare presses ahead against all obstacles.