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The Big Takeover Issue #89

S.W. Lauden

S. W. Lauden is the editor of Forbidden Beat: Perspectives on Punk Drumming. He’s also the co-editor of Go All The Way: A Literary Appreciation of Power Pop and the sequel, Go Further. His Greg Salem punk rock PI series includes Bad Citizen Corporation, Grizzly Season, and Hang Time.

Steve’s a father, husband, writer and drummer living in LA. Twitter: @swlauden.

Carolina Hidalgo's Top 5 Favorite Funny Punk Musicians

27 January 2022

Carolina Hidalgo, co-host of the No Dogs in Space music history podcast, shares her five favorite funny punk musicians.

Mo Troper's Top 5 Favorite Portland Albums

20 January 2022

Singer/songwriter and writer Mo Troper shares his five favorite albums from Portland, Oregon.

Ken Layne's Top 5 Favorite Mood-Setting Records for the American Desert

13 January 2022

Ken Layne, host of ‘Desert Oracle’ radio, shares five of his favorite desert albums.

Melanie Makaiwi's Top 5 Favorite Black Sabbath Songs

7 January 2022

Black Sabbitch bassist Melanie Makaiwi shares her five favorite Black Sabbath songs to perform live.

John M. Borack's Top 5 Favorite 'Get Back' Moments

29 December 2021

‘Beatles 100’ author John M. Borack shares his Top 5 favorite moments from ‘The Beatles: Get Back’

Peter Gill's Top 5 Favorite Power Pop Albums

22 December 2021

Peter Gill, front man for Philadelphia’s 2nd Grade, shares his Top 5 favorite power pop albums.

Parry Gripp's Top 5 Favorite Weird Al Songs

17 December 2021

Parry Gripp shares his Top 5 Favorite Weird Al Yankovic songs.

Absolution Is Out Of The Question

16 December 2021

Uncomfortable truths from Bob Mehr’s Replacements biography, ‘Trouble Boys,’ have created a sort of cognitive dissonance for some fans of a certain age.

Brian Walsby's Top 5 Favorite Punk Drummers

7 December 2021

Artist, cartoonist and drummer Brian Walsby shares his Top 5 favorite punk drummers.

Spike Slawson's Top 5 Favorite Panettone/Pandoro

2 December 2021

‘Tis The Season: Spike Slawson (Me First and the Gimme Gimmes) shares his Top 5 Favorite Panettone/Pandoro

Alison Braun's Top 5 Punk Bands To Photograph

Alison Braun's Top 5 Favorite Punk Bands To Photograph

24 November 2021

If a legendary punk band played a gig in Hollywood during the early ‘80s, a teenaged Alison Braun was probably there with her camera.

Jim Ruland—Top 5 Punk Books

Jim Ruland's Top 5 Favorite Punk Books

18 November 2021

Jim Ruland, author of Corporate Rock Sucks: The Rise and Fall of SST Records, tells us about his Top 5 favorite punk books.

Frank Turner—Top 5 Venues

Frank Turner's Top 5 Favorite Venues

11 November 2021

English folk-punk troubadour, Frank Turner, tells us his Top 5 favorite venues from around the world.

Jenn Alva_Top 5 Punk Singers

Jenn Alva's Top 5 Favorite Punk Singers

4 November 2021

Fea bassist and co-founder, Jenn Alva, shares her Top 5 favorite punk singers.

Joey Cape—Top 5 Tour Restaurants

Joey Cape's Top 5 Favorite Tour Restaurants

2 November 2021

Lagwagon frontman, Joey Cape, shares five favorite restaurants to visit while on the road.

Cutthroat Brothers - Like a Zombie

Jason Cutthroat's Top 5 Favorite Zombie Movies

28 October 2021

Jason Cutthroat, half of the diabolical blues punk duo known as The Cutthroat Brothers, tells us all about his Top 5 favorite zombie movies.

Sorry Ma - Box Set

The Replacements - 'Sorry Ma' Box Set: Top 10 Bonus Tracks

21 October 2021

A lifelong Replacements fan talks about his 10 favorite bonus tracks (so far…) from the definitive new ‘Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash’ box set.

The Replacements, Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash album cover

The Replacements’ 'Sorry Ma' At 40

13 October 2021

A lifelong Replacements “Customer” impatiently waits for his 40th Anniversary Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash box set to arrive from Rhino Records.