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Big Takeover #85 - Vivian Girls

Katherine Yeske Taylor

Pete Yorn

Interview: Pete Yorn

29 November 2019

Pete Yorn talks about how he found inspiration again, fatherhood, and how music saved him from becoming a tax lawyer.

Jordan Cook of Reignwolf

Interview: Jordan Cook of Reignwolf

25 November 2019

Reignwolf frontman Jordan Cook discusses his band’s unusual history, how he keeps up his energy for their high-powered shows, and why it’s important to go with the flow.

Jack Sobel of Black Swan Lane

Black Swan Lane: An Interview with Jack Sobel & Dave Fielding

23 November 2019

Black Swan Lane frontman Jack Sobel and contributing guitarist *Dave Fielding (of The Chameleons) discuss their entwined musical careers, BSL’s changing lineup, and the band’s new album, Vita Eterna.

Chris Lee of The Chris Lee Band

Interview: Chris Lee of The Chris Lee Band

19 November 2019

Chris Lee explains why he formed The Chris Lee Band instead of doing another Supagroup album this time, and why he won’t let anyone else’s expectations rule him.

Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness of No-Man

Interview: Tim Bowness of No-Man

16 November 2019

Tim Bowness discusses No-Man, his longtime musical partnership with Steven Wilson, as they prepare to release their 7th studio album.

*Jack Tatum* of *Wild Nothing*

Interview: Jack Tatum of Wild Nothing

13 November 2019

Jack Tatum, mastermind behind dream pop band Wild Nothing, looks back on his evolution from one-man-band to leading one of the most acclaimed groups in the genre.

Juliana Hatfield

Interview: Juliana Hatfield

9 November 2019

Juliana Hatfield discusses how making albums devoted to covering Olivia Newton-John and The Police help her revive her creative spark.

Sarah Gargano

Interview: Sarah Gargano

3 November 2019

Up-and-coming indie pop-punk singer-songwriter Sarah Gargano discusses her EPs, wanderlust, and humanity’s “incessant need to find meaning.”

The band Elbow, 2019.

Interview: Guy Garvey of Elbow

25 October 2019

Elbow frontman Guy Garvey discusses the politics, grief, and inequality that fueled the writing for the band’s new album, Giants of All Sizes.

Joseph Arthur - Come Back World

Joseph Arthur - Come Back World (Moonage Rebel)

14 October 2019

On his 14th studio album, Joseph Arthur sounds stronger and more “downtown NYC cool” than ever.

Mark Burgess of The Chameleons and ChameleonsVox

ChameleonsVox: An Interview with Mark Burgess

27 September 2019

Mark Burgess, singer and bassist for The Chameleons and ChameleonsVox, talks about his Fall 2019 American tour with Theatre of Hate and Jay Aston.

The Chris Lee Band - Protest Songs and Party Anthems

The Chris Lee Band - Protest Songs and Party Anthems (Ursa Rex Corp.)

24 September 2019

Supagroup leader Chris Lee and veteran musicians from Rock City Morgue, Mojo Nixon, and The Neptunes release a strong debut that is politically pointed but still a raucous good time.