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The Big Takeover #84

Kurt Orzeck

Kurt Orzeck is a nationally recognized senior editor, writer and Web content specialist whose 3,000-plus writing credits include The Big Takeover,, New York Magazine, Reuters, Alternative Press, FLOOD, Filter, Thrasher, Royal Flush, Soma, Venice, Rockpile, Drowned in Sound and many more outlets.

Dvne: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

19 June 2019

The prog-metal quintet’s frontman spills about what made their first U.S. show “overwhelmingly good,” expanding from a quartet to a five-piece and which bands they’re stoked to see at the festival.

Yob: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

17 June 2019

Bassist Aaron Rieseberg reveals what the celebrated doom trio will play at the festival — and that Yob’s next album could be its last.

ASG: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

14 June 2019

Singer/guitarist Jason Shi and drummer Scott Key spill about killing it at the blackjack table, remembering (and not remembering) Alice Cooper’s set from Psycho Las Vegas 2016, and transcending into psychotic states of mind.

Hell Fire: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

12 June 2019

Guitarist and founder Tony Campos shares a long list of bands he’s eager to see perform at Psycho, how he expects to lose his hearing there and his band’s plans to “burn the festival to the ground.”

Grails: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

10 June 2019

Grails experimentalist and Om drummer Emil Amos says he prefers LSD over roulette — but is still making the trek to Vegas, since this year’s festival is looking so damn good.

Amygdala - High Note Cafe (Boise) – June 9, 2019

10 June 2019

A band with such an ambitious, sprawling sound may have seemed an unlikely fit for the minuscule venue, but the intensity of their performance inspired the tightly packed crowd to mosh, marvel and mentally connect with the band’s affecting themes.

Tomb Mold: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

6 June 2019

One of the most brutal acts on a festival lineup, the death-metal band’s guitarist chats about burning through wads of cash in Sin City, finding a random hype man for their gig and their drummer’s plans to try out his new stand-up material.

Howling Giant: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

5 June 2019

Nashville’s “cosmic riff” connoisseurs chat about going (for) broke in Las Vegas, floating in gin and tonics in the festival’s pool, and the “psych-punk rodeo” they have planned for this year’s installment.

Yakuza and Led Zeppelin 2’s Bruce Lamont: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

3 June 2019

Widely considered to be the most talented avant-guard musician in Chicago, Lamont gushed so hard over the festival that it made us reconsider whether we were the most amped heavy-music fans who will be attending.

Amenra: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

31 May 2019

We spoke with vocalist Colin H. Van Eeckhout about his excitement to play alongside Yob, Mark Lanegan and Black Angels at this year’s edition of Psycho Las Vegas — the first to feature his long-running post-metal collective, Amenra.

Hangman’s Chair: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

29 May 2019

Guitarist Julien Chanut chats about the French sludge-doom band’s collective excitement to play the States for the first time, their recent collaboration with another Psycho participant — Perturbator — and whether or not they might debut a new tune.

Truckfighters: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

28 May 2019

We recently spoke with founding guitarist Dango about the fuzz-rock band’s history with Psycho, their expectations of playing in front of their biggest crowd ever in the U.S. — and why they’ve all but given up booze.

Call Of The Void - Shredder (Boise) – May 22, 2019

24 May 2019

With fire in their sails and fury in their throats, the Boulder quartet barnstormed the Shredder in Boise on Wednesday night, pulverizing the well-attended club with 45 minutes of sludgy punk-metal.

Mork: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

24 May 2019

We spoke with frontman Thomas Eriksen about how exciting it will be to play America for the first time, to see Megadeth perform and to deliver a “black mass” that will sate the ravenous appetites of devout fans.

Soft Kill: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

22 May 2019

We speak with Tobias Grave, frontman of the self-described “sad rock” trio, about Psycho Las Vegas’ allure — and why he’s afraid to chill with fellow Psychos and tour mates Devil Master.

Tom Green - Liquid Laughs (Boise) – May 18, 2019

21 May 2019

In a sweet-and-sour set, the self-deprecating Tom Green revealed a soft exterior behind the crusty-looking iconic comedian of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Goatwhore: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

20 May 2019

Goatwhore drummer Zack Simmons geeks out over the artists he’s most excited to see at Psycho Las Vegas, what his own band has in store — and what drew him to the festival as a fan two years ago.

Lord Dying - Shredder (Boise) – May 11, 2019

16 May 2019

Maximum riffage from Portland, Oregon, tore apart the Shredder in Boise on Saturday night courtesy of Lord Dying, a four-piece progressive-sludge unit.

Treefort Music Fest - Boise, ID - March 20-24, 2019

14 April 2019

Treefort Music Fest is intended both to draw rising national talent to Boise and showcase what the city’s own music scene has to offer. And, as it occurs just as brisk breezes replace patches of ice in the downtown area, the spring-timing couldn’t be better.

In Flames - album cover

In Flames - Knitting Factory, Boise – March 13, 2019

14 March 2019

Mere days after the Boise outpost of Michael Dorf’s dwindling Knitting Factory franchises reopened after a fire tore down most of the structure last fall, what heavy-metal band took the stage to help rechristen the venue? In Flames, of course.

Necrot - Ignacio Orellana

Necrot - Neurolux (Boise) – February 27, 2019

28 February 2019

Featuring heavily dissonant riffs laden with death-metal vocals, Necrot gave a blitzkrieg of a performance that alternately dizzied and tizzied the club crowd.