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The Big Takeover #84

Kevin Burke

Kevin Burke has just begun at The Big Takeover. An Irishman who has lived his life in the company of music and sounds from around the world. He is currently a regular contributor and reviewer for Ireland’s HeadStuff online site where he dives into popular music culture along with art and movies. Kevin also contributes to Belgium’s Peek-A-Boo alternative-rock magazine, print and online versions contain his interviews and reviews. Along with past contributions to Metal-Temple online and Music News, his path has finally led here.

Massive Attack - Massive Attack vs Mad Professor Part II | Mezzanine Remix Tapes (UME)

18 August 2019

Massive Attack Announce Previously Unreleased Mad Professor Dub Version of Mezzanine on Vinyl

Orchestra Of Distortion - My Bloody Valentine's Loveless

17 August 2019

This week writer Kevin Burke looks into the heart of My Bloody Valentine’s sublime classic Loveless

Rose McDowall & Shawn Pinchbeck - Gem (Glass Modern) 

16 August 2019

Rose McDowall & Shawn Pinchbeck are set to release “Gem”, a peek into their upcoming joint venture, the Far From The Apple Tree soundtrack

Konk - The Magic Force Of Konk 1981-1988 (Futurismo)

15 August 2019

On October 4, Futurismo will celebrate New York fusion pioneers Konk with the release of The Magic Force Of Konk 1981-1988

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Infest The Rats' Nest (Flightless) 

13 August 2019

The King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard  upcoming album Infest the Rats’ Nest is a more hardcore, nostalgic approach with a foothold in the eighties, and that early noise of thrash metal

The Murder Capital - When I Have Fears (Human Season)

13 August 2019

On August 16, Irish quintet The Murder Capital release their highly anticipated debut album When I Have Fears.

Bon Iver - i,i  (Jagjaguwar)

12 August 2019

Bon Iver deliver i,i, a social commentary soaked masterwork that continues the trend of quality

Running The Voodoo Down - Miles Davis & Bitches Brew

10 August 2019

This week, writer Kevin Burke reflects and discusses the importance of the Miles Davis masterwork Bitches Brew.

Jeff Buckley - Grace 25th Anniversary Releases (Columbia/Legacy Recordings)

9 August 2019

The late Jeff Buckley’s seminal Grace will be celebrated with a mammoth release onto streaming services August 23.

Fangclub - Vulture Culture (Vertigo) 

9 August 2019

Irish based Fangclub release their highly anticipated second album

The Pooh Sticks - The Pooh Sticks 7” Box Set (Optic Nerve)

8 August 2019

Legendary alternative band The Poo Sticks are set to re-release the very rare Poo Sticks Singles Box Set

Ladytron - Far From Home - Night Versions (!K7) 

8 August 2019

Ladytron announce a new remix EP, “Far From Home – Night Versions”

David J with Asia Argento & Anton Newcombe - Migena & the Frozen Roses (Glass Modern) 

6 August 2019

David J offers a further insight into his upcoming album Missive To An Angel From The Halls Of Infamy with the single release “Migena & the Frozen Roses”.

The Sixties Cease To Exist | The Beach Boy, The Beatles And The Beast

3 August 2019

Writer Kevin Burke looks back fifty-years and discusses the connection between Dennis Wilson, The Beatles and convicted murderer Charles Manson

Girl Band - The Talkies (Rough Trade)

2 August 2019

Girl Band announce a new album, tour dates and release the single “Shoulderblades”

Strip Search Tramp - Assume The Position (Self-Released)

1 August 2019

Strip Search Tramp are a five-piece collective who are intent on branding your brain with their unique punk inspired manifesto.

Future Pilot AKA - Orkestra Digitalis (Glass Modern)

30 July 2019

On September 13, Future Pilot AKA will unleash Orkestra Digitalis, a recording which holds that unique appeal of challenging the listener.

Sleater-Kinney - The Center Won't Hold (Mom + Pop Music)

29 July 2019

Sleater-Kinney’s upcoming release The Center Won’t Hold is Eleven-tracks from the musical soul of third wave feminism, digging their heels in and straddling the airwaves with addictive power-rock.

The Flaming Lips — King’s Mouth:Music & Songs (Warner Bros.)

28 July 2019

The Flaming Lips return with King’s Mouth, a mammoth beast trying to stumble into the territory of brilliance.

What’s Going On? -There’s A Riot Goin’ On!

27 July 2019

Writer Kevin Burke discusses the connection between two of the most remarkable musical statements of the 20th Century.

Ummagma - Compass (Leonard Skully Records)

26 July 2019

Ummagma release the long awaited Compass album today, an electrifying inner-journey to a musical Mecca

black midi - Schlagenheim (Rough Trade Records)

25 July 2019

The oddities become addictive on the black midi debut album Schlagenheim

Fad Gadget - The Best Of Fad Gadget (Mute)

25 July 2019

The genius and influence of the late Frank Tovey and Fad Gadget are celebrated with the vinyl issue of The Best Of Fad Gadget

The Replacements - Dead Man’s Pop 4CD/1LP Deluxe + Cassette (Rhino)

22 July 2019

On September 27th, The Replacements will issue the 4CD/1Lp boxed set Dead Man’s Pop, presenting their original vision for 1989’s Don’t Tell A Soul.

Shakespears Sister - Singles Party (1988-2019) ( London Music Stream)

21 July 2019
Shakespears Sister reform reinvigorated, releasing Singles Party (1988-2019) along with two brand new tracks, three decades after their first explosive album.

Inciting The Riot Grrrl - Five Women Who Inspired A Movement

20 July 2019

Kim Deal, Kristin Hersh, Vanessa Briscoe Hay, Kim Gordon and Kat Bjelland, five women who inspired the sound of Riot Grrrl.

Slowness - The Future Is Now

19 July 2019

Following on from the release of Berths, and riding the crest of adoration, Julie Lynn of Slowness took time out to answer a few questions about the album

Ashton Nyte - In The Lair Of The Gothic Maestro

18 July 2019

The hardest working musician on the scene Ashton Nyte talks about his past, the present, and what the future holds for both his solo work and The Awakening.

Matthew Sweet - Kimi Ga Suki * Raifu (Glass Modern)

15 July 2019

One of Matthew Sweet’s most acclaimed pieces of work gets a release proper. Kimi Ga Suki * Raifu is upon us now to enjoy in full, and music this good is always worth waiting for.

Pere Ubu - The Long Goodbye (Cherry Red Records)

15 July 2019

The energy is still flowing with Pere Ubu, as to is the creativity, “The Long Goodbye” is a doorway to further adventures.

The Goa Express - The Day (Self-Released)

15 July 2019
The Goa Express unleash “The Day”, a jaunty single of pumping guitars and real-life issues wrapped in an undeniable charm.

Nico - New York’s Gothic Princess

12 July 2019

On July 15th 1988, the world mourned the loss of Nico, the true gothic princess,

Violent Femmes - Hotel Last Resort (PIAS)

10 July 2019

The upcoming Violent Femmes album Hotel Last Resort, due on July 26th, punches like a heavyweight and is deserving of more than just one casual listen.

Light Years From Home - The Last Testament Of Brian Jones

6 July 2019

Fifty years after the death of Brian Jones, Kevin Burke looks back at the last surge of brilliance from the original Rolling Stone

Billy Childish - Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot 1977-2018 (Damaged Goods)

5 July 2019

Damaged Good release an outstanding overview of Underground Star Billy Childish in Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot 1977-2018

New Order - ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes.. (Mute)

4 July 2019

On July the 12th, New Order release the mouthwatering live set ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes.. .

Dana Gillespie - What Memories We Make, The Complete Mainman Recordings 1971 – 1974 (Cherry Red Records)

3 July 2019

Cherry Red Records has released a comprehensive compilation by English songstress and actress Dana Gillespie.

Live - Throwing Copper 25th Anniversary Edition (Radioactive/MCA/UMe)

30 June 2019

On July 19th, Live release the 25th Anniversary Celebration version of Throwing Copper

Cellista - A Beautiful Fusion

29 June 2019

The avant-garde artist Cellista speaks to Kevin Burke about her latest album Transfigurations and how she effortlessly blends ambient noise with slices of hip hop, classical music, and alternative pop.

David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The Future

29 June 2019

Kevin Burke shares his opinion on David Bowie’s game changing album The Man Who Sold The World

The Alarm - ∑ Sigma (The Twenty-First Century Recording Company)

28 June 2019

Mike Peters and The Alarm has really brought out an interesting album that locks the audience in at an early stage.

Aldous Harding ‎– Designer (4AD)

27 June 2019

Aldous Harding presents an album of avant-garde imagery, wrapped in integrity and melodic joy.

Cherie Currie & Brie Darling - The Motivator (Blue Elan Records)

26 June 2019

Cherie Currie and Brie Darling forthcoming collaboration is an album that showcases two veterans pushing forward and making their mark once more

Paul Den Heyer - Everything So Far (A Turntable Friend Records)

25 June 2019

On Everything So Far Paul Den Heyer brings you on a personal journey into his artistic soul.

Various Artists - 1977 The Year Punk Broke (Cherry Red Records)

24 June 2019

Released through Cherry Red Records this coming Friday, the essential guilt punk pleasure of 1977:The Year Punk Broke

The Funk Bible - Prince’s Black Album Explained

22 June 2019

Following the release of the posthumous Originals, Kevin Burke looks back at the unreleased album by Prince that became a cult all of its own.

Silent Forum - Safety In Numbers (Libertino)

22 June 2019

Silent Forum release “Safety In Numbers” which offers another dimension to what the band are capable of.

Beauty In Chaos - Beauty Re-Envisioned (33.3 Music Collective)

21 June 2019

Michael Ciravolo’s Beauty In Chaos return with a new release, Beauty Re-Envisioned. A follow on from 2018’s Finding Beauty In Chaos

PJ Harvey + Various Artists - The Virtues Soundtrack (Invada Records)

20 June 2019

PJ Harvey releases new music as part of The Virtues Soundtrack

The Venus Fly Trap - Mars (Glass Modern)

19 June 2019

The Venus Fly Trap album Mars is a classy release, not just a reissue but a reminder of the reactive sound of late-eighties post-punk.