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The Big Takeover #84

Kevin Burke

Kevin Burke has just begun at The Big Takeover. An Irishman who has lived his life in the company of music and sounds from around the world. He is currently a regular contributor and reviewer for Ireland’s HeadStuff online site where he dives into popular music culture along with art and movies. Kevin also contributes to Belgium’s Peek-A-Boo alternative-rock magazine, print and online versions contain his interviews and reviews. Along with past contributions to Metal-Temple online and Music News, his path has finally led here.

Various Artists - 1977 The Year Punk Broke (Cherry Red Records)

24 June 2019

Released through Cherry Red Records this coming Friday, the essential guilt punk pleasure of 1977:The Year Punk Broke

The Funk Bible - Prince’s Black Album Explained

22 June 2019

Following the release of the posthumous Originals, Kevin Burke looks back at the unreleased album by Prince that became a cult all of its own.

Silent Forum - Safety In Numbers (Libertino)

22 June 2019

Silent Forum release “Safety In Numbers” which offers another dimension to what the band are capable of.

Beauty In Chaos - Beauty Re-Envisioned (33.3 Music Collective)

21 June 2019

Michael Ciravolo’s Beauty In Chaos return with a new release, Beauty Re-Envisioned. A follow on from 2018’s Finding Beauty In Chaos

PJ Harvey + Various Artists - The Virtues Soundtrack (Invada Records)

20 June 2019

PJ Harvey releases new music as part of The Virtues Soundtrack

The Venus Fly Trap - Mars (Glass Modern)

19 June 2019

The Venus Fly Trap album Mars is a classy release, not just a reissue but a reminder of the reactive sound of late-eighties post-punk.

The Allegations - Non-Neutered 1% (GP Stripes)

18 June 2019

The Allegations have created an album that swings between straightforward seventies-based rock and sun-drenched avant-garde.

Theatre Royal - Singles 2010 - 18 (Medlar Records)

18 June 2019

Medway band Theatre Royal release a powerhouse-compilation of mouthwatering goodness with 22-tracks

The Jasmine Minks - From Creation And Beyond

17 June 2019

The Jasmine Minks speak to Kevin Burke about their past, their present releases and the future of this highly influential outfit.

Ambient Punk - Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music Explained

14 June 2019

Kevin Burke tries to make sense of the Lou Reed album Metal Machine Music

The Claim - The New Industrial Ballads (A Turntable Friend Records)

14 June 2019

After a gap of almost twenty-seven years, British band The Claim release a new album, an insightful and enjoyable listen.

The Black Watch - Magic Johnson (Atom Records)

13 June 2019

The Black Watch release Magic Johnson, twelve tracks of conceptual adoration, along with further releases spanning the career of the band.

Slowness - Berths (Schoolkids Records)

13 June 2019
Slowness release a new album Berths, a mix of California cool and New York grit

Earnhardt - The Sound Of New York Americana

12 June 2019

Adam Gerard and Steve Stapleton of New York Band Earnhardt speak to Kevin Burke about their new album, their influences and all things Americana

The Divine Comedy - Office Politics (Divine Comedy Records Limited)

8 June 2019

The Divine Comedy are captivating with confidence on their latest, delightful long-player called Office Politics

Electrical Language: Independent British Synth Pop 78-84 - Various Artists (Cherry Red Records)

7 June 2019

The Electric Language compilation released by Cherry Red Records gets a review by Kevin Burke.

John Robb - Membranes And The Force Of Nature

6 June 2019

Membranes release a new long-player entitled What Nature Gives….Nature Takes Away, John Robb talks to Kevin Burke about punk, politics and that new release

Joan As Police Woman – Joanthology (PIAS)

4 June 2019

Joan As Police Woman releases Joanthology, a reflection of her work which is long over due.

Fontaines D.C - Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin - June 3, 2019

4 June 2019

Fontaines D.C’s homecoming performance, and Kevin Burke was there to bear witness

Kim Thompsett | A Musician Without Boundaries

2 June 2019

Psychedelic-Folk troubadour Kim Thompsett speaks to Kevin Burke about her latest album, her sound and the influences

Duff McKagan - Tenderness (Universal Music Enterprises)

1 June 2019

Kevin Burke reviews Tenderness by Duff McKagan, which offers a new dimension to the Guns N’ Roses bassist.

Where We Sleep - Experiments In The Dark Ep (Self-Released)

31 May 2019

Kevin Burke reviews the debut Ep by Where We Sleep, entitled “Experments In The Dark”.

Sleater-Kinney - Hurry On Home Single (Caroline)

30 May 2019

Kevin Burke reviews the new single “Hurry On Home” from Sleater-Kinney,

Cellista - Transfigurations (Self-Released)

30 May 2019

Due for release Friday the 31st of May, the latest from Cellista, Transfigurations gets a review from Kevin Burke

Ralph Rolle - The Beats From The Bronx

29 May 2019

Ralph Rolle the backbone of Chic speaks to Kevin Burke about his career, the people he’s worked with, and all things drums.

The Waterboys - Where the Action Is (Cooking Vinyl)

28 May 2019

Where The Action Is swaggers with the very wit and talent of Mike Scott.

Michael Ciravolo - Beauty In Chaos: Re-Envisioned

26 May 2019

Kevin Burke spoke to Michael Ciravolo about his project Beauty In Chaos, the music, his influences and the star-studded upcoming release Beauty Re-Envisioned

Morrissey - California Son

24 May 2019

Released today, Morrissey’s California Son lacks far too many of his unique qualities sadly to make it a great album

Kristin Hersh

Kristin Hersh - Original Riot Grrrl

23 May 2019

Before Kristin Hersh embarks on her Live And Loud Tour, she took some time out to share her thoughts on life, touring and Possible Dust Clouds