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Big Takeover #85 - Vivian Girls

Kevin Burke

Kevin Burke has just begun at The Big Takeover. An Irishman who has lived his life in the company of music and sounds from around the world. He is currently a regular contributor and reviewer for Ireland’s HeadStuff online site where he dives into popular music culture along with art and movies. Kevin also contributes to Belgium’s Peek-A-Boo alternative-rock magazine, print and online versions contain his interviews and reviews. Along with past contributions to Metal-Temple online and Music News, his path has finally led here.

The Tor Guides - Backwards In Reverse (Futureman Records)

21 January 2020

The Tor Guides have made an excellent album in Backwards In Reverse, moving forward with ideas with a nod to the past

KT Tunstall - Golden State Vinyl EP (Rostrum Records)

20 January 2020

The 2016 release Golden State by KT Tunstall gets a well deserved vinyl release.

The Vertigos - Out Of My Head (Self-Released)

19 January 2020

Writer Kevin Burke explores one of the most interesting punk releases of last year by Japanese outfit The Vertigos.

Boy One - Broken Skies (Self-Released)

17 January 2020

Writer Kevin Burke discusses the latest video-single by Boy One, the brainchild of Irish music legend Brian Foley, “Broken Skies” is a tribute to the climate activists of the world

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Live In Adelaide ’19, Live In Brussels '19, Live In Paris ’19 (Proceeds To Wildfire Rescue)

17 January 2020

The exceptional King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have just unleashed three live albums on Bandcamp. With 100% profits going directly to the Australian Bushfire Relief fund.

Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot (Kobalt Label Services)

16 January 2020

On January 24, the Pet Shop Boys will release Hotspot. It is not the work of a band reinventing the wheel, but using the extent of their knowledge to build a work of contemporary,  outstanding music.

Anton Barbeau - Presente: Kenny Vs.Thrust (Big Stir Records) 

14 January 2020

On January 24, Anton Barbeau will release his latest work Kenny Vs. Thrust. What is pitted as the first go-to release of 2020 delivers on the promise, and then some.

Ambulette - Too Bad About All Your Problems (Self-Released) 

11 January 2020

Atlanta based Ambulette present their debut Ep Too Bad About All Your Problems, a work that is undeniably addictive, and even springs nostalgia from unexpected places

David Bowie | The Nineties Outsider

8 January 2020

Writer Kevin Burke celebrates David Bowie’s birthday by looking at one of his most underrated albums 1;Outside

Snowgoose - Hope (Glass Records Modern)

8 January 2020

Snowgoose release “Hope” on February 20, the first insight to their upcoming sophomore album The Making of You.

Gene Clark - No Other | Super Deluxe (4AD)

7 January 2020

In late 2019, 4AD reissued Gene Clark’s No Other on various formats, a masterpiece which is thankfully no longer lost.

Norman - Buzz And Fade (Hey Amigo Recording Co.) 

7 January 2020

As 2020 begins one of the most sublime albums released in 2019, Buzz And Fade by Norman, sets a high bar for the year to come. 

Dunkie - Working To Design (SWND Records) 

2 January 2020

Dunkie have just released Working To Design, balanced between cinematic depth and melodic bliss, it is an album that requires investigation.

James Clarke Five - Parlour Sounds (The Beautiful Music)

1 January 2020

A look at the latest by The James Clarke Five Parlour Sounds, an album which has the words ‘modern classic’ tattooed on it’s very core.

The Toms - The 1979 Sessions (Futureman Records)

31 December 2019

Songwriter and musician Tommy Marolda has just released a fourteen-track set of demos in The Toms The 1979 Sessions. A release which is on par with the self-titled Toms debut

The Equestrian Statue Of Gorilla - A Bonzo Tribute To Neil Innes

30 December 2019

Writer Kevin Burke remembers Neil Innes, the comedic genius who started the ball of creativity rolling with the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

Empty City Squares - 337 (Self-Released)

30 December 2019

New Jersey based Empty City Squares release the long-player 337, an album that delves deeper into the influences of Yanni, taking further steps into forging his own unique style

LITHICS - Wendy Kraemer EP (Moone Records)

28 December 2019

On February 7 next, LITHICS re-release the sublime The Wendy Kraemer Ep on vinyl via Moone Records,

Lloyd Meadows - Oxford Synthesiser Club Ep (The Beautiful Music) 

27 December 2019

Lloyd Meadows, the Australian multi-instrumentalist releases Oxford Synthesiser Club Ep. An outing with ideas galore and executed with a stylish confidence.

Shplang - Los Grandes Excritos {1994-2019} (Futureman Records/Big Stir Records)

27 December 2019

Shplang release a silver anniversary collection, Los Grandes Excritos {1994-2019}. A definitive view into the magnificence of this power pop outfit.

London After Midnight - Selected Scenes From The End of the World: 9119 (Darkride Records)

14 December 2019

Kevin Burke looks at the anticipated reissue of London After Midnight’s incendiary debut, along with sharing an insight into modern Goth from front man Sean Brennan

Right Hand Left Hand - Zone Rouge (Bubblewrap Collective)

11 December 2019

Right Hand-Left Hand release the relevant, and conceptual Zone Rouge. What appears heavy on context becomes easy on the ear very quickly

Matthew Shaw - Into The Unknown (Glass Records Modern) 

10 December 2019

On January 10, 2020, Matthew Shaw will release a work of adventurous beauty with Into The Unknown.

Big Stir Singles - The Fourth Wave (Big Stir Records)

10 December 2019

Los Angeles based Big Stir Records release a collection of thrillers, not just a showcase of talent but a charity based effort.

2019 - Female Solo Artists -The Ten Best Albums

9 December 2019

Writer Kevin Burke captures ten of the best albums of 2019 by female solo artists

Remake-Remodel | The Best Reissues Of 2019 

7 December 2019

Writer Kevin Burke looks back on some of the best reissues of 2019

2019 - Ten Bangerz From The Bunch 

30 November 2019

In Ten Bangerz From The Bunch, writer Kevin Burke looks back on ten sublime releases from 2019, featuring Kim Gordon, Fontaines D.C, Sleater-Kinney, Ride, Nick Cave and more.

Peel Slowly And See - Exploring The Velvet Underground

22 November 2019

Writer Kevin Burke peels back the layers on the Velvet Underground’s original incarnation

A SMiLE In The Echo Chamber - The Beach Boys Lost Masterpiece 

18 November 2019

Writer Kevin Burke looks back on The Beach Boys lost masterpiece SMiLE, and what could have been.

Sparks - Past Tense: The Best Of Sparks (BMG) 

8 November 2019

Writer Kevin Burke looks at the importance of Sparks as they release a comprehensive collection, Past Tense: The Best Of Sparks.

Blaine Campbell - Happy Faces B/W Movin' On (Big Stir Records)

7 November 2019

This Friday November 8, Blaine Campbell releases the digital single “Happy Faces” via Big Stir Records, a taste of his upcoming Under The Tidal Wave album.

Yates And Delany - Lost And Found (Self-Released) 

6 November 2019

Peter Yates and Andy Delany release a sublime set on the Lost And Found Ep

Best Coast - For The First Time (Concord Records)

5 November 2019

Best Coast are back with a new single and the promise of a new album in 2020

The Doors - The Soft Parade 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (Elektra Catalog)

5 November 2019

The Doors release a much expanded celebration of The Soft Parade, by no means a lazy collection put together without forethought.

The Kut - X-Ray Eyes (Criminal Records)

4 November 2019

The Kut present a new single “X-Ray Eyes”, a brash banger, energetic and magnetic which draws audiences into their aura.

Chrissie Hynde - Valve Bone Woe (BMG) 

1 November 2019

Chrissie Hynde has released her latest solo work Valve Bone Woe, an album which is anchored in a jazz-psychedelia sound with sprinkles of electronica.

R.E.M - Monster 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe (Craft Recordings)

31 October 2019

R.E.M. are set to release an expanded edition of Monster, marking twenty-five years of the modern classic

Gozer Goodspeed - Running with the Outliers (Self-Released)

30 October 2019

On November 15, Gozer Goodspeed releases his new album Running With The Outliers, an album of gravel soaked grace with an in-your-face presentation. 

Lightning In A Bottle - Fifty-Years Of Led Zeppelin II

26 October 2019

Writer Kevin Burke discusses the sublime masterpiece Led Zeppelin II, fifty-years after its release.

The Venus Fly Trap - Europa (Glass Miniature)

25 October 2019

On October 31st, The Venus Fly Trap re-release “Europa”, a slice of bleak, goth-drenched brilliance

Theatre Royal - Incidental Friend EP (Medlar Records/Vacilando '68)

24 October 2019

Theatre Royal announce an upcoming Ep, a teaser for their next long-player due in 2020.

The Same Old Song And Dance - The Hall Of Fame Travesty Continues 

24 October 2019

Writer Kevin Burke discusses the shortcomings of the recent Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame nominations.

Sonny Winnebago - Take Me For A Ride (Trackd)

22 October 2019

The debut single by Sonny Winnebago offers up a promise of what’s to come

PJ Harvey - All Bout Eve {Bonus Track Ep} (Invada Records)

22 October 2019

PJ Harvey celebrates the release of the All About Eve soundtrack on vinyl with an Ep of bonus material.

Concrete Jungle - Ska, Two-Tone & The Specials

19 October 2019

Writer Kevin Burke looks back forty-years to the start of The Specials and Two-Tone

The Armoires ‎– Zibaldone (Big Stir Records) 

17 October 2019

The Armoires latest long-player Zibaldone is a well-oiled good time machine of pop-psych thrills that is the effervescent soundtrack to a sunny day.

The Egg Eaters - Gimme Gimme Gimme Ep (Self-Released) 

15 October 2019

The Egg Eaters have released the Ep Gimme Gimme Gimme, a harmonious blending of genres and eras.

Kim Gordon - No Home Record (Matador) 

14 October 2019

Kim Gordon has just released her debut album No Home Record, a work of divine and dynamic confidence

Art Rock - The Drug Of Dog Man Star

14 October 2019

October 10th marked a quarter century since the release of the modern classic Dog Man Star by Suede. Kevin Burke pays tribute to the slow burning masterpiece

Mick Ronson: Only After Dark – The Complete Mainman Recording (Cherry Red Records)

12 October 2019

On November 29th Cherry Red Records release the complete sessions recorded by guitarist Mick Ronson’s solo work. An essential release for hard rock fans.