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The Big Takeover Issue #88

Dave Franklin

Dave has pretty much worn all the creative hats there are to wear. Musician, promoter, (small) record label boss, festival co-organiser, journalist, reviewer, publicist and everything in between. He now divides his time between writing about music and any number of other subjects from travel to games to social issues. He runs his own new music website and contributes to a number of UK based printed music magazines and a few smaller websites. He has spent the last ten years writing music columns for his regional newspaper though has recently given this up to spend more time with his record collection.

A short conversation with Gabriel Judet-Weinshel of Unpinnable Butterflies

23 August 2021

With a new album, Radio Ocean on the way and a brilliantly fun and energetic single, “You” to light the way, it seemed like the perfect time to sit down with Gabriel Judet-Weinshel, the man behind the music of Unpinnable Butterflies.

Renee & Jeremy - Whole Lotta Love

26 July 2021

Cover albums are normally predictable and unimaginative affairs, but not in the hands of Renee Stahl and Jeremy Toback. “Whole Lotta Love” is a gorgeous reimagining of some of the best known songs of the modern age and clever renders them into whispering, ambient folk songs whilst still retaining that special quality which made them so popular in the first place.

A Short Conversation with Leadboots

6 July 2021

With a number of well-received releases now under their belt, a full line-up in place and the opportunity to play live shows and festivals back on the menu, it was the perfect time to sit down with “Leadboots* and find out how lockdown has treated them, how they kept creative during those dark days and what the future holds for the band.

A Short Conversation with Carly Kraft of Coral Moons

30 June 2021

With the wonderfully nostalgic sound of “Like We Used To” already turning heads and attracting critical attention and a new album_Fieldcrest_ about to be released, it seemed the perfect time to sit down with Carly Kraft of Coral Moons to find out about, what we can expect from the new long-player, how the band stayed creative through lockdown and what they are looking forward to as we head into a slightly unexpected future.

Inquisition of a Musical Chameleon: An Interview with Chris Connelly

29 June 2021

When it comes to the world of alternative-industrial music, there are few names as well-known as Al Jourgensen, Skinny Puppy, Pigface, KMFDM and collaborators. Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Chris Connelly, who is associated with not one, but two of these groups (Ministry and Pigface), along with numerous other projects, new and old (Fini Tribe, The Revolting Cocks, The Joy Thieves). But as it turns out, there is entirely another side to Connelly’s persona that is lesser known to the masses, but no less talented. On his latest album The Birthday Poems with Scottish songstress Monica Queen, his music is more in line with bands like The Proclaimers, The Pogues and The Clash than anything from the industrial realm. And a great album it is (stream it below). For now, we had a little chat with Connelly and here’s how it went.

Another short conversation with Kevin Daniel

26 June 2021

With a new album, Been Here Before now available and a year that saw his life turned upside down, I sat down with Kevin Daniel to discuss the personal and emotional hardships of the last year, the experiences and feelings that fuelled the new album, and why he believes that you should always live in the moment.

The Music Therapy Experiment - Art and Science

25 June 2021

The Music Therapy Experiment is a place where mental health, music therapy, and great sonic vibes co-exist and their latest release is a gorgeous affair that goes by the name of Art and Science. Not just great songs but technically brilliant playing and some exceptional wordplay and punning too.

A Short Conversation with Sugar Loaf Walker

27 May 2021

Having just dropped an album many years in the making, the wonderfully named Sugar Loaf Walker had a virtual sit down with me to talk about his travels both geographical and sonic, about the deeper meanings and themes found on this fantastic record and the art of the instrumental album in the modern climate.

Christian O'Connor

A Short Conversation with Christian O'Connor

16 May 2021

With his latest single, Wherever The Hammer Falls recently premiered on this site, it felt like the perfect time to sit down with Christian O’Connor to find out all about the musical path that got him to this point, his influences, the creation process for his self-made video and his plans for the future.

Natalie K - Survivors

1 May 2021

With the date of Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day having just passed and more recent turmoil still fresh in the mind, Natalie K felt compelled to write a song that might act as a beacon of hope, a message of solidarity from half a world away. And the result is a truly haunting song.

A Short Conversation with Afton Wolfe

1 May 2021

With the single “Dirty Girl” leading the way to a full album to follow, I sat down with the most eloquent Afton Wolfe to hear all about his past musical journeys, his inspirations and aspirations, the musicians that he admires and has worked with and where it all goes next.

A Short Conversation with Mark Lyons of The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show

22 April 2021

Whilst many other artists have used lockdown to have a break from making music, The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show used it to write a whole new album. I sat down with Mark Lyons to learn about how the band came together, where they draw their inspirations and why they consider themselves to be the missing link between Joy Divison and The Muppets.

A Short Conversation with Pollux King

20 April 2021

“Anybody”, the latest single from Pollux King is a rallying cry for the outsiders and a message of unity to those people who don’ know where they fit in with society. It felt like the perfect time to sit down with the artist behind the name and ask why she felt it necessary to voice such a sentiment, how she got to where she is today and about the challenges of staying positive and creative during the pandemic.

Daniel Blake - Jakarta

8 April 2021

If Daniel Blake’s previous single, “Circle Mountain”, made a few discerning music fans take notice, Jakarta is the collection of songs where he is likely to become a talking point in all of the right places.

A Short Conversation with Mare Wakefield and Nomad

25 March 2021

Mare Wakefield and Nomad have both led adventurous lives, both in their formative days and since meeting each other, and their music is a reflection of their wanderlust and pioneering spirit. Folk, roots, jazz and Americana all swirl about in their songs and so with a new album about to drop, I sat down with them to find out about the lives and their music and what we can expect from the new release, as well as their hopes for the future.

A Short Conversation with Siamese Youth

18 February 2021

Berlin duo, Siamese Youth, make music which revels in the synthwave sounds of the mid-eighties. Their latest album, Echoes of Tomorrow, written during Lockdown, sees them embracing a broader sonic palette and adding new elements alongside their core sound. The bands new single “So Far From Home” is out now on New Retro Wave and the new album will be released shortly. I sat down with them to find out all about the making of their second album, how they coped with a year of isolation and what they are looking forward to once normality begins to return.

A short conversation with TJ and Steven from The Nearly Deads

10 February 2021

Led by the inimitable vocalist Theresa Jeane and featuring Steven Tobi, *Javier Garza Jr. and Josh Perrone, The Nearly Deads are one of the hottest rock bands to come out of Nashville. Their amalgam of powerful pop vocals and aggressive alternative rock music combined with their love of all things geek mixed in with messages of positivity and empowerment creates a truly unique style. I sat down with TJ and Steven to find out more.

Place Like This - London Thor

9 February 2021

L.A. based singer, musician and actress, London Thor’s latest single is both timely and timeless. It captures so much about current mental health and attitudes in the pandemic afflicted world but it also speaks for those who have always found social situations stressful.

Get The Funk Out: A candid chat with Nevaris A.C. of Loud Apartment

9 February 2021

Loud Apartment is a band with a unique sound, one which crosses cultural and generic boundaries as easily as it does those relating to technology and musical era. With a new album, System Breakdown, now out, I sat down with Nevaris A.C. to find out how the band build up their singular sound, how it has remained creative during the pandemic and what the future holds.

A Short Conversation with Juan and Mark from When Planets Align

5 February 2021

When Planets Align is a band which mixes, merges and wilfully hops genres as the desire takes them. Their latest album, The Death of Us certainly explores such eclectic and exotic approaches but it also lyrically looks at tragedy both on a very personal and emotional level, but on a global and catastrophic one two.

We sat down with Juan and Mark to find out about the journey which got them to this latest album, their approach to making music, collaborations and what the future holds for them.

Music on Tap: A chat with Davey Woodward (The Brilliant Corners, The Experimental Pop Band)

27 January 2021

With a resume boasting such bands as The Brilliant Corners, The Experimental Pop Band to his name, Bristolian Davey Woodward has just released a new album with his band The Winter Orphans. We sat down with him to find out what inspirations and processes drive his songwriting and how lockdown has been treating him.

Liverpool Cult 80s Band Candy Opera Back For A Second Round: An Interview

23 January 2021

Candy Opera sounded like the perfect band for the post-punk era that they formed in. But whilst bands around them became household names, somehow, the band never got the break many felt that they deserved. A new album The Patron Saint of Heartache, sees a new line up, garnered from band members from across their original, ten-year duration and the opening of a new chapter. We sat down with Paul Malone to discuss, the past, the present and the future of the band.

A Short Conversation with Forest Sun

22 January 2021

Stubborn Breathing Heart is an album which feels like a sonic road trip through the heart of American music. We sat down with its creator, Forest Sun to find out about the album and talk about his own journey through music.

Dark Psychedelia At Work: An Interview with Nero Kane

22 January 2021

With a new and beguiling collection of music out under the title of “Tales of Faith and Lunacy” we spoke to Nero Kane about the inspiration for the unique sonic landscape that his music paints, about the inspiration behind it and about how he has travelled to this point musically.

A Short Conversation with Noble Barz

5 January 2021

Having undergone a rebranding of late, we caught up with Nobel Barz, an artist known for pushing the boundaries of hip-hop into more soul and indie, even rock-orientated territories, to see how he has survived a difficult year and what we can expect from his new musical persona.

Midnight Canyon - Midnight Canyon

4 December 2020

With two excellent singles already being well-received both critically and commercially, Midnight Canyon unleash their debut eponymous e.p.

A Short Conversation with Jim Styring from It's Karma It's Cool

11 November 2020

With the latest album, “Woke Up In Hollywood”, finally getting a live outing after an unforeseen pandemic-related delay, I sat down with Jim Styring, guitarist with UK Power-Pop outfit It’s Karma It’s Cool to find out how their year has been, get a potted history of the band and find out what the future holds.

A Short Conversation with Beth Snapp

30 September 2020

With her wonderful reinterpretation of the Steve Winwood classic “Higher Love” just released I sat down with Beth Snapp to find out how it all came about, her UK connection, what it means to come from such a rich musical location and what the future holds for her.

A Short Conversation with Tatiana DeMaria

27 September 2020

With her latest single and response to the recent tragic events in Lebanon, “Beruit Fire,” now out I sat down with Tatiana DeMaria to find out about her approach to making music, her inspirations, the differences between being a musician in both the UK and the US and the silver linings which she found in the recent lockdown.

A Short Conversation with Erick Bieger of West of House

14 September 2020

With their debut album Crescendo of Silence just hitting the public domain, I sat down with West of House main man Erick Bieger to discuss the band, its influences, the challenges of recording and releasing music under pandemic restrictions and where it all goes next for the Californian quintet.

Tatiana DeMaria - Make Me Feel (Acoustic)

20 August 2020

Tatiana DeMaria is a British musician currently based in New York. Her reworking of one of her older songs into an understated and emotive acoustic number is just more evidence of an artist who is keen to explore, re-invent, change and challenge their own work, and that is a very exciting prospect indeed.

A Short Conversation with ARIELLA

19 August 2020

ARIELLA is a really cool duo whose musical pathway has gone hand in hand with their personal relationship. I sat down with Ariella and Nichlaas to find out more about their story, how they dealt with releasing music under the strictures of lockdown and where everything goes from here.

A Short Conversation with I Like Trains

3 August 2020

I Like Trains has always made music which explores interesting social and political idea. With their latest album, KOMPROMAT delving into topics such as social media, fake news and how technology and information is manipulated, often for political gain, it seemed the perfect time to find out a bit more about the band, the music and their view of the world as it stands at the moment.

A Short Conversation with The Haunt

1 August 2020

With new single “Brag About” being launched amid all the restrictions of lockdown, I talked to Anastasia Grace and Maxamillion Haunt about the problems that such conditions impose on creativity, what it’s actually like being siblings in a bad and where things go next.

A Short Conversation With Johnny Chops

28 July 2020

Johnny Chops recent release “Hope Is Contagious Too” felt like the perfect rallying cry as we gradually emerge from the lockdown world and into a slightly altered new reality. I sat down with the man himself…virtually and at a very safe distance…to find out how he had coped with the strictures of lockdown, what the song means to him personally and what the future looks like for him and touring musicians like him.

A Short Conversation with The Wolfhounds

23 July 2020

With a career stretching back into the 80’s it was great to catch up with The Wolfhounds to discuss what has changed along the way, musically and otherwise, what it’s like having someone like Stewart Lee championing your music and the advantages which come with being an under the radar band.

A Short Conversation with Town Meeting

23 July 2020

With a new album “Make Things Better” being released, I sat down with Town Meeting to discuss, releasing new material in such unusual times, influences and labels, the journey which got them here and what that journey looks like going forward.

A Short Conversation with Kevin Daniel

9 July 2020

The new album from Kevin Daniel seems to blend a wide range of sounds from the great American songbook. With this album being released at a time when the music industry seems to be on pause, I asked him about his musical influences, what he learned about himself during those months of imposed isolation and where things go from here.

A Short Conversation with Devon

1 July 2020

With a brace of singles out to pave the way for the new EP, Sitting Up Straight I caught up with Devon to talk about her music, pop covers and making music in and after lockdown.

A Short Conversation with Nick Hudson of The Academy of Sun

23 June 2020

With two gloriously sonically opposed singles and a new full length album, The Quiet Earth now in the public domain, I sat down to talk to The Academy of Sun*s *Nick Hudson about new music, where it comes from, where it is going and what it is saying, as well as what he might have learned during lockdown nd perhaps what the future holds.

A Short Conversation with Broads

9 June 2020

Broads have a track record of making fascinating and cinematic music, and a recent turn towards an even more minimal approach and a collaboration with Milly Hirst has lead to some of their most striking and understated music to date. I sat down with the East Anglian duo to find out more.

A Short Conversation with Orange Kyte

1 May 2020

The Orange Kyte have described their music as “A loose cacophony of visceral sonic tomfoolery, fixed together with pop-informed melody, three safety pins, and some scotch tape,” but there is obviously much more to their music than this self-deprecating description admits. So I thought that the only way to get to the heart of the matter was to corner the band and ask them to let me in to their fascinating world.

A Short Conversation with Liu Mottes of Alienbaby Collective

29 March 2020

With _ F I S H B O W L / T E R R E S T R I A L_ about to land in the public marketplace, I sat down with the artist behind Alienbaby Collective, Liu Mottes to find out how this new musical path came about, what are its drives and inspirations and where it all goes next.

A Short Conversation with Tiny Fighter

28 March 2020

With a new album Going Home about to be released, I sat down with Therese Karlsson and Tim Spelman to find out about the band’s unusual beginning, its fascinating development, influences, hidden depths and where they are heading next.

A Short Conversation with Mayflower Madame

27 March 2020

With “Prepared For A Nightmare” about to drop, the time felt right to sit down with Mayflower Madame and discuss the album, what influences their sound, generic labels, touring on both sides of the Atlantic and everything in between.

A Short Conversation with Harry Stafford

26 March 2020

With his latest album Urban Gothic Blues painting such a vivid picture of the ever changing nature of the modern city, as well as being such a fantastic collection of songs, I spoke to Harry Stafford about the thens, the nows and the where next for him, his band, his music and the city which inspired the music.