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The Big Takeover Issue #87

Big Takeover Exclusives

Kaz Mirblouk

Video Premiere: "Title Sequence" by Kaz Mirblouk

20 January 2021

LA-based Kaz Mirblouk launches a mesmerizing shoegaze-inspired song with accompanying performance video in conjunction with his LP release.

Madisyn Whajne

Video Premiere: "Killing Desire" by Madisyn Whajne

19 January 2021

Madisyn Whajne, a member of Whitefish River First Nation in Ontario, unveils an indie pop song with punk heart and accompanying video.

Moonshine Booze

Album Premiere: Pandemonio'by Moonshine Booze

19 January 2021

European alternative rock band Moonshine Booze drop their latest animated and tuneful LP that brings together the rock and blues genres.

Parker Longbough

Song Premiere: "The Youngster" by Parker Longbough

19 January 2021

Indie rock/pop project Parker Longbough (AKA Matthew Witthoeft) unveils a tuneful lament about 3 real-life rappers whose lives were cut short.


Video Premiere: "Mirror" by Nonviolenze

18 January 2021

Houston, Texas-based Shri Baratan, founder of the music/art/poetry corporation Nonviolenze, drops a relevant and insightful performance music video.

Frankie Sunswept

Album Premiere: Turning by Frankie Sunswept

15 January 2021

NYC (by way of Los Angeles) psych-folk/pop/rock artist Frankie Sunswept (Crushed Out, The Sunwrays) unveils his vibrant to reflective solo LP.

Dover Lights

Album Premiere: Dover Lights by Dover Lights

14 January 2021

Arkansas-based dark alternative music outfit Dover Lights unveil their atmospheric, resonant, and varied self-titled album.

Miss Massive Snowflake

Video Premiere: "Oh Shoot" by Miss Massive Snowflake

14 January 2021

Montana-based indie rock/pop band Miss Massive Snowflake (led by Shane de Leon) unspool an amusing video about band/fan interaction.

the black watch - fromthing somethat

NEWS: Jack Rabid’s Best of 2020 (380 Nods): Top 180 LPs (New Recordings), Top 100 Retrospective/Reissue Releases, and Top 100 Stand Alone Singles & EPs

13 January 2021

My best bets on another great year for music, old and new, and the most surprising such year ever. Hope this little list inspires you to find, or give a second look to, a few cool releases you might miss otherwise that you end up truly loving, especially in a year where so many musicians overcame unprecedented challenges to get us this music. And my sincere gratitude to the musicians and labels that overcame that and gave us this 2020 music when we needed it the most! Ta!

Cathal Coughlan

Video Premiere: "Song of Co-Aklan" by Cathal Coughlan

12 January 2021

Acclaimed Irish singer/songwriter Cathal Coughlan (MIcrodisney, The Fatima Mansions) returns with a socially pointed new track and video from his upcoming LP.

Arrows To Fire

Video Premiere: "A Million Miles Away" by Arrows To Fire

12 January 2021

Austin, TX-based alternative rock band Arrows To Fire unleash a performance music video for an upbeat and tuneful track.

Devil Love

Song Premiere: "Gold Currency" by Devil Love

11 January 2021

Boston-based (with Oregon-roots) indie rock/pop band Devil Love, led by Peter Buzzelle, drop a reflective, yet vibrant cut from their upcoming LP.

Jeremy Bastard

Album Premiere: Everyone is History, There is No Memory by Jeremy Bastard

8 January 2021

NYC’s Autodrone member Jeremy Bastard presents vivid audio tableaux featuring numerous guest vocalists on his striking new album.

Richard Hell

Song Premiere: "The Kid With The Replaceable Head" (Remixed) - Richard Hell & The Voidoids

7 January 2021

Destiny Street, Richard Hell & The Voidoids’ follow-up to the classic Blank Generation, gets remastered, remixed, and more via Omnivore Recordings.


Video Premiere: "Canyon" by REPO

6 January 2021

Canadian shoegaze/ambient soundscape artist REPO (AKA Richard Bunze) unveils landscape views in a video for his latest single.

Julian Shah-Tayler 2

Video Premiere: "All Good Soldiers" by Julian Shah-Tayler

5 January 2021

Leeds-born, now LA-based, singer, writer, and producer Julian Shah-Tayler makes electro-rock/New Wave for the 30th century on his latest EP.

Ruth Blake

Video Premiere: "Brave Ships" by Ruth Blake

5 January 2021

Soulful British neo-folk artist Ruth Blake releases an engaging accompanying video to her warm and heartfelt single.

Golden Streets of Paradise

Video Premiere: "Heavy Hands" by Golden Streets of Paradise

5 January 2021

Indie rock band Golden Streets of Paradise unveil an atmospheric performance video for a compelling song off their upcoming album.

Oberon Rose

Song Premiere: "Sinner" by Oberon Rose

4 January 2021

Nashville-based roots rock/folk/pop band Oberon Rose delivers a briskly crackling throwback track from their upcoming album.

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The Bird and The Bee

NEWS: The Bird and The Bee have released a holiday-themed collection of songs

25 December 2020

With Put Up The Lights, The Bird And The Bee aim to spread holiday cheer by putting their own spin on classics, alongside their own originals.

Frances Lion

Video Premiere: "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" (cover) by Frances Lion

24 December 2020

British indie musician Frances Lion, who released a record with an assist from Linda Perry, drops a bittersweet and wistful cover of a holiday classic.


Album Premiere: Last Ticket To Tango by Daniel Takes A Train

23 December 2020

British indie pop band Daniel Takes A Train, who made inroads in the ’80s and early ’90s are back with an engaging new album after a 35 year absence.

Life In A Blender

Video Premiere: "Party in The Drunken Forest" by Life In A Blender

22 December 2020

New York independent indie pop-leaning outfit Life In A Blender deliver a whimsical video for a plucky jangle pop track from their 10th LP.

The Stargazer Lilies

Video Premiere: "Lit Like the Sun" (live) by The Stargazer Lilies

21 December 2020

Premier psych-gaze/dreampop band The Stargazer Lilies unveil a mesmerizing live performance from their streaming concert at The Sherman Theater.


Video Premiere: "They Say It’s Always Lonely” by Fotoform

18 December 2020

Seattle-based dreampop/post-punk band Fotoform unveil a nostalgic music video for their wistful and dreamy holiday-themed single.


News: Pendant's incredible album Through A Coil gets re-released

18 December 2020

The atmospheric and immersive album was originally released via Tiny Engines last year, right when the record label went under.

Glenn Morrow's Cry For Help

Video Premiere: "Forever and a Day" by Glenn Morrow's Cry For Help

16 December 2020

Hoboken, NJ/NYC veteran musician Glen Morrow and his band of premier musicians are set to release an engaging and tuneful rock ‘n’ roll album.

Storm Seeker

Song Premiere: "How To Be A Pirate" by Storm Seeker

15 December 2020

German folk-metal force Storm Seeker ride the wild music video waves on a rousing and tuneful number from their upcoming album.

Stephen Lawrie of The Telescopes

Song Premiere: "Come Bring Your Love" by The Telescopes

15 December 2020

Renowned British psych-/space/noise rock band Telescopes, helmed by Stephen Lawrie, are set to release their 12th album in February via Tapete.

Heather Littlefield of Danger // Chain

Song Premiere: "Once Upon A Time" by Danger // Chain

14 December 2020

Country/Americana musician Heather Littlefield unveils a brooding, yet hopeful ’80s-influenced darkwave track from her upcoming EP.

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R. Missing

Album Premiere: Placeholder for the Night EP by R. Missing

11 December 2020

NYC-based dark synthwave outfit R. Missing (Sharon Shy and Toppy of The Ropes) unveil their mysterious, noir, and dreamy new EP.

Lara Taubman 2

Video Premiere: “Akureyri” by Lara Taubman

11 December 2020

New York City-based singer/songwriter Lara Taubman unveils a cinematic and absorbing new music video filmed on Wolfe Island, Canada.


Video Premiere: "False Desire" by Topographies

10 December 2020

San Francisco-based post-punk/shoegaze band Topographies unveils an enigmatic music video for an atmospheric track from their debut album.

Black Bird Hum

Video Premiere: "My Side" by Black Bird Hum

9 December 2020

Australian roots reggae/dub outfit Black Bird Hum drop a copacetic escapist music video for an engagingly laid-back track.

She's Got Spies

NEWS: She's got Spies takes you on a Moscow journey in the video for "All Outta Tears"

8 December 2020

Welsh solo artist She’s Got Spies (AKA Laura Nunez) unveils a new music video that was filmed in Moscow, Russia in 2012.

Bob Hillman & Spooky Ghost

Song Premiere: “Somebody’s Watching You” by Bob Hillman & Spooky Ghost

8 December 2020

Veteran San Francisco-based singer/songwriter Bob Hillman collaborates with producer and Hinterlands founder Gerry Leonard on an upcoming LP.


Song Premiere: “There There” by Leathered

7 December 2020

NYC-based post-punk/dream-pop band Leathered (a new iteration of Crazy Pills) unveil a restless and captivating lead single.

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Drums & Wires Recordings - logo

Album Premiere: Songs Collected by Various Artists

4 December 2020

Seattle-based Drums & Wires Recordings release a scene-defining debut compilation album featuring The Walkabouts’ Chris Eckman, Terri Tarantula, and Johnny Sangster, among many other musicians.

Tamar Berk

NEWS: Atmospheric and dark music video for lead single from Tamar Berk's new album

4 December 2020

Singer-songwriter Tamar Berk unveils a mysteriously captivating music video that precedes her upcoming 2021 LP release.

Bloody Knives

Album Premiere: 70 Years of Static by Bloody Knives

3 December 2020

Texas-based atmospheric and intense outfit Bloody Knives return with a compelling LP that blends future punk, electro, synths, and industrial elements.

Beauty in Chaos2

NEWS: LA producer Tyler Bates teams with Beauty in Chaos, Rafe Pearlman on "Temple of Desire"

1 December 2020

Los Angeles-based alt-rock/post-punk collective Beauty in Chaos, Tyler Bates, and Rafe Pearlman unveil an engaging in-studio performance video.

NEWS: NYC’s Loud Apartment brings funk and dub to the masses

1 December 2020

NYC-based funk art collective Loud Apartment have released their new LP composed of a unique fusion of funk, soul, and rock with Latin, reggae, dub, and hip hop.

Norine Braun

Video Premiere: “Poinsettia Pearl” by Norine Braun

1 December 2020

Canadian veteran blues/roots rock singer/songwriter Norine Braun is set to release a holiday/winter-themed album of originals and classics.

Dolphin Group

Song Premiere: "Making Magic" by Dolphin Group

30 November 2020

Chattanooga TN-based, aquatic-themed disco dance/indie pop band Dolphin Group release a groovin’ and effervescent second single.

Ryan Struck of Scary Hours

Album Premiere: Margins by Scary Hours

27 November 2020

North Jersey-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Struck unleashes a raging and socio-politically relevant hardcore punk LP with a track-by-track rundown.


Album Premiere: WaxFeet EP by WaxFeet

26 November 2020

Santa Cruz, CA-located chill electro-acoustic duo WaxFeet drop a copacetic debut EP that finds the sweet spot between organic and digital.

Seasurfer - 3

Video Premiere: "SOS" by Seasurfer

25 November 2020

German dream-punk outfit Seasurfer branch out into electrogaze and darkwave music on their compelling upcoming album.