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The Big Takeover #80 Spring 2017

Big Takeover Exclusives


Song Premiere: "In The Future" by Action Skulls

21 August 2017

Vicki Peterson (The Bangles), John Cowsill (The Cowsills), and Bill Mumy (Barnes & Barnes) join forces on upcoming self-described “Canyon Rock” album.

the Dead Boys, L to R:Jake Hout, Ricky Ratt, Cheetah Chrome, Johnny Blitz, Ginchy; Photo Credit: Jeff Fasano

NEWS: Punk rock legend Cheetah Chrome's (the Dead Boys) Top 6 Music Videos

18 August 2017

Renowned musician Cheetah Chrome of legendary punk rock band the Dead Boys (new album out soon!) picks his Top 6 Music Videos.


Video Premiere: "High School" (live) by The Brat

17 August 2017

Chicano punk rock band The Brat stirred up conventions in the late ’70s to mid-‘80s with its meshing of musical and cultural styles.

Underlined Passages; Photo Credit: Ramiro Hird

Video Premiere: "Feelings" by Underlined Passages

17 August 2017

Indie rock duo Underlined Passages traverses personal ups and downs on its upcoming dynamic, heavy, and melodically ethereal album.


Song Premiere: "In Glass" by Lotte Kestner

16 August 2017

Anna-Lynne Williams, formerly of Trespassers William, returns with a spare and haunting new album under the moniker Lotte Kestner.


Single Premiere: "Laranja Swadhisthana 67_5 - EPv1" by Dave Wesley

15 August 2017

Instrumentalist Dave Wesley drops a 2-track single that melds strong drum rhythms with ambient and chill sonic accompaniment.

Auburn Lull 2_photo by Jason Kolb

Song Premiere: "Silo" by Auburn Lull

15 August 2017

Shoegaze band Auburn Lull returns with its textural and reflective first single from its upcoming sonically exploratory album.

Pure Phase Ensemble feat. Anton Newcombe - photo credit Jarek Sopinski

Video Premiere: "God Drugs" by Pure Phase Ensemble 6 feat. Anton Newcombe

14 August 2017

Psych/space rock collective Pure Phase Ensemble 6, led by Anton Newcombe, launches its first performance video from Gdansk, Poland’s renowned SpaceFest!.


Song Premiere: "Corners of Your Mind" by Mark Crozer and the Rels

14 August 2017

NYC-based (by way of the UK) Mark Crozer and his band the Rels have returned with a new indie power pop/retro-pop album.


Video Premiere: Extract from documentary Dennis & Lois by Chris Cassidy

11 August 2017

Exclusive Ramones-focused extract from documentary directed by Chris Cassidy about legendary rock n’ roll super-fans Dennis and Lois.


Video Premiere: "Ciervo de Miyajima" by Tropico Duclos

10 August 2017

Uruguayan shoegaze band Tropico Duclos unveils a black ‘n’ white video for its dreamy and expansive, yet rock-edged single.


Video Premiere: "Embers Of Dead Fires" by Mr. Flannery and His Feelings

10 August 2017

Veteran musician Mike Flannery of Mr. Flannery and His Feelings drops a suspenseful video for his latest single off his new album.


Song Premiere: "Like a Drum" by Tree Machines

9 August 2017

Indie pop/rock band Tree Machines re-imagines the electronic pop genre with an inventive and hypnotic track off its upcoming album.

American Anymen band 2

Song Premiere: "Flag Burner" by American Anymen

8 August 2017

NYC’s outspoken antifolk outfit American Anymen tackles the fascism of Trump’s America in an angst-driven, protest-motivated single.


Video Premiere: "Breaking Parts" by LAPêCHE

8 August 2017

The members of Brooklyn indie rock band LAPêCHE unveil a new video and divulge details about their upcoming album in a quick Q&A.

GriffinRobillardPhotoCreditLuke Urbanczyk

Song Premiere: "Cracks in the Ceiling" by Griffin Robillard

7 August 2017

Boston-based folk-influenced singer-songwriter Griffin Robillard drops the lyrically bittersweet titular track off his upcoming album.


Song Premiere: "I Wanna Be With You" (live) by Raspberries

4 August 2017

Omnivore Recordings delivers a 2-CD/Digital set on renowned and influential power pop band Raspberries’ whose members reunited on stage 30 years after their prior live show.


Song Premiere: "Black Cat" by 68Creep

3 August 2017

Brookyn-based dark alternative outfit 68Creep delivers an ominous, slow-paced single with haunting vocals off its upcoming debut album.


Video Premiere: "Dissolution" by Victorian Halls

3 August 2017

Chicago-based electro-pop/rock duo Victorian Halls reveals an ominous to exhilarating video off its latest album out on Victory Records.


Song Premiere: "Seeing In Blue" by Castle Black

2 August 2017

Brookyn’s own indie rock/post-punk band Castle Black unleashes a gritty and rousing lead track off its upcoming third EP.


Video Premiere: "Television" Planes on Paper

1 August 2017

Washington state indie alt-folk duo Planes on Paper takes off with a relevant single/video about conversation-stifling partisan politics.

DieAlps! Photo Credit: Sarah Modene

Video Premiere: "I Can See It Now" by DieAlps!

31 July 2017

DieAlps! changes its baroque-pop sound to ’90s-influenced indie rock on its upcoming debut album on New Grenada Records.

John Elderkin 1

Song Premiere: "Song For David Bowie" by John Elderkin and ¡Moonbeams No Mas!

31 July 2017

John Elderkin, Danielle Howle, and an all-star Carolina band take on an ambitious and playful tribute to Ziggy Stardust and his Spiders From Mars.

Dan Miraldi; Photo Credit: Jenna Fournier

Video Premiere: "The Sweet Sound of Protest" by Dan Miraldi

28 July 2017

Singer-songwriter Dan Miraldi delivers a relevant and resonant message during these social-political troubled and divisive times.

Crash City Saints; Photo Credit: Pasagraphy

Song Premiere: "Dawn Of A Bright New Nothing" by Crash City Saints

27 July 2017

Shoegaze/noise rock act Crash City Saints drops a dream-pop delight that features Cocteau Twins’ Simon Raymonde on bass.

Coastal Clouds; Photo Credit: Jon Danovic

Video Premiere: "Nothing To Hide" by Coastal Clouds

26 July 2017

Indie artist Coastal Clouds unveils a hazy, Venice Beach, CA-set video for his latest summertime-vibe single.

Darto; Photo Credit: Gregory Flores

Song Premiere: "I Am" by Darto

25 July 2017

Darto drops a downtempo, synth-infused single off its upcoming album to be released via Aagoo Records.

A.J. Croce; Photo Credit: Karan Simpson

Song Premiere: "Gotta Get Outta My Head" by A.J. Croce

24 July 2017

Illustrious piano man and songwriter (and son of legend Jim Croce) A.J. Croce releases a resonant Americana/soul single.

Carta; Photo Courtesy of Carta

Album Premiere: The Sand Collector's Dream by Carta

21 July 2017

San Francisco-based dream-pop/ambient collective Carta unveils a new album awash in slow-burning beauty and regret via Saint Marie Records.


Album Premiere: Sleep by A Thousand Hours

20 July 2017

Atmospheric and ethereal music project A Thousand Hours, led by Red Collier, unveils its masterfully captivating 2nd album.

TV Heads; Photo Credit: Rob Eves

Song Premiere: "Devotional" by TV Heads

19 July 2017

LA-based post-punk band TV Heads slices off a slow-building psych burner and lead cut from its forthcoming full-length.

Marylane_Band_by Angelika Annen

Video Premiere: "Restless" by Marylane

19 July 2017

Swiss indie outfit Marylane unveils a turbulent video that tackles late adolescent emotions and acts as a mirror for our culturally unsettled climate.

Parsons Rocket Project 2 - photo credit Isadora Pennington

Video Premiere: "Interlude I" by Parsons Rocket Project

18 July 2017

Ambient/electronic act Parsons Rocket Project launches a blissfully dreamy instrumental with accompanying video off its upcoming album.

Joseph of Mercury; Photo Credit: Gemma Warren

NEWS: Singer-songwriter/producer Joseph of Mercury's recent Top 5 Music Videos

17 July 2017

Alluring synth-pop crooner Joseph of Mercury details his current Top 5 Music Videos and reveals a film noir video for his single “Find You Inside.”

CousteauX - Liam McKahey and Davey Ray Moor

Video Premiere: "BURMA" by CousteauX

14 July 2017

Founders Liam McKahey and Davey Ray Moor of long-running cinematic noir act Cousteau return, still in their prime, as CousteauX.


NEWS: Recent single from FM Collective (producer/songwriter Mike Lucero and other musicians)

13 July 2017

FM Collective, a collaboration of musicians (including Ken Stringfellow) led by Mike Lucero, reveals a relevant single with proceeds going to MusiCares.

Dubokaj and Fortune Shumba

Song Premiere: "Trinidad Babies" by Dubokaj (feat.Fortune Shumba)

13 July 2017

Alpine Dub electronic specialist Dubokaj joins up with South African vocalists Fortune Shumba for a laid-back summer-vibed hybrid track.

Discolor Blind; Photo Credit: Alexia Vincent

Video Premiere: "Black and Grey" by Discolor Blind

12 July 2017

Multi-talented musician Ashkan Malayeri and vocalist Alexis Nadeau drop a sweetly melancholic, yet rockin’ song off Discolor Blind’s new EP.

The Holy Circle; Photo Credit: Nathan Jurgenson

Video Premiere: "Hearts Called" by The Holy Circle

12 July 2017

Dark pop act The Holy Circle (including Terence Hannum of Locrian) unveils a lyrical video for a haunting single off its recent self-titled album.

Midnight Divide; Photo Credit

Song Premiere: "Animal Eyes" by Midnight Divide

11 July 2017

Alternative rock band Midnight Divide unleashes a wild hybrid rock ‘n’ electronic lead track from its upcoming second EP Dichotomy.


NEWS: Singer-songwriter Tamino's Top 5 Inventive Music Videos

10 July 2017

Mesmerizing singer-songwriter Tamino details his Top 5 Inventive Music Videos – and the video for his latest single “Cigar” could make the cut.


Song Premiere: "Loose Ends" (Alternate Version) by Bash & Pop

7 July 2017

Omnivore Recordings reissues debut album from Bash & Pop (Tommy Stinson of The Replacements) with rare and bonus material.

The Matinee; Photo Credit

Video Premiere: "Blood Alley" by The Matinée

6 July 2017

Vacouver rock act The Matinée unveils a panoramic video to go with an anthemic song off its recently released second album.

Cricketbows; Photo Credit: Kyle Sweeney

Video Premiere: "Games People Play" by Cricketbows

6 July 2017

Dayton, Ohio’s psych/rural indie rock band Cricketbows delivers a video for a track off its upcoming album on Mosquito Hawk Records.

Tiny Magnetic Pets; Photo Credit

Song Premiere: "Semaphore" by Tiny Magnetic Pets

5 July 2017

Irish synth-pop/electronic act Tiny Magnetic Pets drops a dance-oriented track filled with blissful pop from its upcoming album.

Dion Lunadon; Photo Credit: Ebru Yildiz

Song Premiere: "Com/Broke" (Burning Bridges Remix) by Dvy Drns Vs. Dion Lunadon

5 July 2017

Davey Drones adds his own electronic/industrial spin to a track off Dion Lunadon’s (A Place to Bury Strangers) new album.

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1 July 2017

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Album Premiere: As Light Return by The Telescopes

30 June 2017

Veteran musical visionary Stephen Lawrie, the sole constant of The Telescopes, reveals his 9th exploratory album.


Video Premiere: "Butterfly Sweater" by Twinfolds

30 June 2017

Australian indie rock band Twinfolds (once known as Vertigo) kicks it up with a kinetic rock groove from its upcoming debut EP.

For The Love of Chris Tressler - collage

Album Premiere: For The Love of Chris Tressler compilation

29 June 2017

The shoegaze/dream-pop community pays tribute to Chris Tressler, a passionate music enthusiast who passed away earlier this year.