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The Big Takeover #84

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The Big Takeover magazine - Issue #84 cover

Big Takeover #84 (Bob Mould cover) About to Ship! (Super holiday, birthday, or other Gifts! Order - Subscribe – Renew) Subscribers: Update Your Address ASAP!

26 May 2019

Good news! Big Takeover #84 Spring 2019 issue with Bob Mould on the cover has been completed and will be out shortly! And there’s still time for the perfect holiday (or birthday, or other) gift: Big Takeover magazine subscriptions and back issues (like the big enchilada, complete set 1980-2019)! Plus six children’s sizes for our T-Shirts (to go with several Men’s and Women’s sizes) in three colors, as well as our Big Takeover Beer Cozies and (signed if you like) Color 30th Anniversary Festival Posters!

Tim Cawley of The Flashpot Moments

Album Premiere: The Chronicles of Sydney and Nathan by The Flashpot Moments

24 May 2019

Boston-based power pop singer-songwriter and occasional guitarist Tim Cawley releases and indie and anthemic album as The Flashpot Moments.


Video Premiere: "The Endless Slope" by Relaxer

24 May 2019

Heavy/prog-rock band Relaxer are set to go on an imminent tour of Japan with Boris and unveil an atmospherically shot performance video.

Positive No

Song Premiere: "Teenage Waistline" by Positive No

23 May 2019

The Virginia band’s propulsive new single owes its title to the Screaming Trees’ drummer.

Leon III 2

Song Premiere: "Stick Figures" by Leon III

22 May 2019

Rock/Americana act Leon III introduce a twangy and gritty stand-alone single that comes between LPs produced by Mark Nevers.

Rude Audio - Photo Credit: Ali Ingle

Video Premiere: "Repeat Offender" by Rude Audio

21 May 2019

Notable British electronic music act Rude Audio delivers a fresh, vibing track that’s perfect for a chill-out spring with summer-time sunshine.

Pylon Reenactment Society - single cover

NEWS: Pylon Reenactment Society releases "Messenger" / "Cliff Notes" on gold vinyl / Tour announced

21 May 2019

Renowned Athens, GA band Pylon, have reformed as Pylon Reenactment Society with original frontperson Vanessa Briscoe Hay at the helm.

Ryan Thompson of Ryan Thompson & The Delicate Hounds

Song Premiere: "The Gift" by Ryan Thompson & The Delicate Hounds

21 May 2019

Californian country-rocker Ryan Thompson and his Delicate Hounds coolly swagger on a single from their upcoming debut album.

The End of America

Video Premiere: "Break Away" by The End of America

20 May 2019

Philadelphia-based Americana/rock band The End of America begin a run of singles with a warm, wistful, and restless track.

The Meeting Places

Album Premiere: You and I EP by The Meeting Places

17 May 2019

L.A.-based shoegaze/post-punk band The Meeting Places release an expansive, driving, and scintillating EP via Saint Marie Records.

twentythreenineteen - Photo Credit: Connor Rothstein

Song Premiere: "Tangled" by twentythreenineteen

17 May 2019

Philadelphia-based indie rock band twentythreenineteen delivers the catchy and harmony-laden second single off their upcoming LP.

Wizard Rose - Photo Credit: Chris Elves

Album Premiere: Wizard Rose by Wizard Rose

16 May 2019

Brisbane, Australia ‘70s’/‘80s retro-fresh hard rock band Wizard Rose deliver rip-roaring and heavy to lightly reflective tracks from their debut LP.

Kelly Hunt - Photo Credit: Lori Locke

Album Premiere: Even The Sparrow by Kelly Hunt

16 May 2019

Kansas City-by-way-of-Memphis traditional folk singer-songwriter Kelly Hunt delivers a spare, sincere, and spellbinding debut album.

Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion by Thee Oh Sees

Video Premiere: Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion (short film) by Thee Oh Sees

15 May 2019

Renowned indie rock band Thee Oh Sees (among other appellations) see the reissue of their 2008 live performance album and short film.

Fred Abong, Kristin Hersh, and Rob Ahlers

NEWS: Kristin Hersh reveals US tour dates ahead of Throwing Muses reunion

15 May 2019

Indie rock icon Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses, 50FOOTWAVE, solo) recently released her turbulent and mesmerizing Possible Dust Clouds LP.

Alexander Kretov and Shauna McLarnon of Ummagma

Video Premiere: "Ty i Ya" by Ummagma

14 May 2019

Ukrainian-Canadian indie pop/electronic rock duo Ummagma unveil a funkily strutting to dreamily chill number from their upcoming exploratory LP.

Chip and Tony Kinman of Blackbird - Photo Credit: Marcus Leatherdale

Song Premiere: "Jersey Girl" by Chip and Tony Kinman (as Blackbird)

14 May 2019

Legends and brothers Chip and the late Tony Kinman (the Dils, Rank and File) shine as the act Blackbird on a previously unissued cover song.

Photo by Michael Aguilar

Video Premiere: "There Were Only Shadows" by Seablite

13 May 2019

San Francisco-based fuzz/dream-pop band Seablite unveil an engaging video for a darkly dreamy single off their upcoming LP.

Blue Unit - live

Album Premiere: Blue Unit EP by Blue Unit

10 May 2019

Milwaukee-based dream-pop/shoegaze band Blue Unit (w/ members of Brief Candles and Trusty Knife) release their dreamy to stormy debut EP.

Nickel and Dime Ops - Photo Credit: Gulnara Khamatova

Video Premiere: "People's Champ" feat. Boyd by Nickel and Dime Ops

10 May 2019

NYC-based hip-hop/jazz collective Nickel and Dime Ops release a powerful video for a socially relevant track off their latest album.

Mark Starr of Split Moon

Video Premiere: “Shades” by Split Moon

9 May 2019

Los Angeles-based Split Moon debuts the new video for “Shades” from their forthcoming LP Slow Satellite.


Video Premiere: "Customers" by Onesie

9 May 2019

Brooklyn-based indie rock/power pop band Onesie (led by Ben Haberland) delivers a fresh ‘n’ culturally relevant video for a track off their upcoming LP.

Catacomb Saints - Photo Credit: Ip Hoi Wan

Song Premiere: "Shanghai Grill" by Catacomb Saints

8 May 2019

Canadian downtempo duo Catacomb Saints unveil a poignant narrative about loss from their upcoming EP, with a full-length LP to follow.

Fever Feel

Song Premiere: "In The Palm Of Her Hand" by Fever Feel

8 May 2019

Canadian psych-pop/rock duo (of brothers) Fever Feel delivers a brief, but jauntily breezy slice of retro-pop from their upcoming LP.

Para Lia - René Methner

Song Premiere: "Hawk Hill" by Para Lia

6 May 2019

Eastern Germany-native pop/rock duo Para Lia drop a gritty, driving, and tuneful new single with dual vocals after the release of their debut LP.

Paul Den Heyer - Photo Credit: Ian Hayes

Song Premiere: "Technicolor Summer Sunshine" by Paul Den Heyer

6 May 2019

Liverpudlian singer-songwriter (and member of The Red Sided Garter Snakes) Paul Den Heyer releases a gently radiant track off his new LP.

Golden Gardens

Song Premiere: "Desert Rose" by Golden Gardens

6 May 2019

Seattle-based dream-pop duo Golden Gardens release an enchanting and mysterious track with alluring and ethereal vocals.

Evan Thomas Way

Album Premiere: Long Distance by Evan Thomas Way & The Phasers

3 May 2019

The Parson Red Heads founder Evan Thomas Way goes solo on a warm, nuanced, and insightful album, and he also gives details about each track.


Video Premiere: "Rust to Gold" by Council

3 May 2019

NYC-based pop/rock band Council (a trio of brothers) officially premieres their rousing video for an anthemic track used during the Winter Olympics.

Dan Kleederman of Grand Kid - Photo courtesy of Dan Kleederman

Video Premiere: "She'll Be / I'll Be" (Live at Welterweight) by Grand Kid

2 May 2019

Captivating Brooklyn post-/indie rock band Grand Kid (led by Dan Kleederman) drop a spellbinding live video and play Brooklyn Bazaar tonight.

Porcupine - Photo Credit: Chris Goyette

Video Premiere: "Distraction" (Lyric Video) by Porcupine

2 May 2019

Minneapolis indie rock band Porcupine delivers an artful de- and re-construction video of the album’s cover image for a laid-back track.

Karyn Kuhl Band - Christina Pepe

Song Premiere: "Hey Kid" by Karyn Kuhl

1 May 2019

Veteran Hoboken musician Karyn Kuhl and her talented band (including Larry Heinemann of Springhouse) captivate on an empowering single

Nevill and Sugary Staple

Video Premiere: "Working Hard Everyday" by The Neville Staple Band

30 April 2019

Ska legends Neville (The Original Rude Boy) and Sugary Staple return with a catchy and relatable tune that radiates party vibes.

Big Tide - Photo Credit: Owen Bake

Song Premiere: "Wrong Number" by Big Tide

30 April 2019

Liverpudlian Ben Thomas (founder of rock outfit Big Tide) releases a bucolic retro-pop single from his upcoming LP via A Turntable Friend.

Frieda's Roses -2  Photo courtesy of Frieda's Roses

Video Premiere: "Jessica Triangle" by Frieda's Roses

30 April 2019

Teenage indie rock trio Frieda’s Roses, working with Azalia Snail and Dan West, deliver a delightful, up-tempo romp in sonic and video form.


Video Premiere: "Black Dog Keep Running" by Datura4

29 April 2019

Australian psych-/heavy rock band Dantura4 have released their 3rd studio LP and a cool performance video for a gritty and burning track.

Vsitor - Photo Credit: Dario Kneubühler

NEWS: Swiss avant-pop trio Vsitor drop their debut album

27 April 2019

Each member of the atmospheric electronic-slowcoregroup also reveals details about a especially meaningful track from the LP.

Cat Hall of Dissonance

Album Premiere: Ascent by Dissonance

26 April 2019

Vocalist and composer Cat Hall releases a new uptempo electronic dance album as Dissonance via Hakatak International.

Patrick Galactic

Song Premiere: "My World Alone" by Patrick Galactic

26 April 2019

Seattle-based psych-pop singer-songwriter Patrick Galactic releases a crooning, insouciant single that puts a spotlight on toxic masculinity.

Home Body - Photo Credit: Anja Schutz

Album Premiere: Spiritus by Home Body

25 April 2019

Fever-pop duo Home Body drop a vivid blend of electronic, New Wave, and avant-pop on their captivating new album, and a track-by-track rundown.

Snowy and Zac of No Local

NEWS; Australian music duo No Local releases debut and final album

25 April 2019

An off-shoot of Aussie favorites The Ocean Party,Snowy and the late, lamented Zac Denton are featured on the LP out via Emotional Response Records.

New Age Healers - Photo Credit: Owen Murphy

Video Premiere: "Satellites" by New Age Healers

24 April 2019

Seattle-based shoegaze/psych-rock band New Age Healers, led by Owen Murphy, drops a fun and trippy video for a dreamy and driving track.

Holy Tunics - Photo Credit: César Betanco

Song Premiere: "Upside Down In Wonderland" by Holy Tunics

24 April 2019

Brooklyn-based power pop/indie rock band Holy Tunics release a tuneful and upbeat lead single from their forthcoming album.

Cellista - Photo Credit: Temira Decay

Video Premiere: "Look Homeward, Angel" by Cellista

23 April 2019

San Francisco-located cellist/multi-disciplinary artist Cellista offers an involving contemporary dance video for a baroque classical music/ hip-pop track.

Earnhardt - Photo Credit: Polly Watson

Album Premiere: Earnhardt by Earnhardt

23 April 2019

Brooklyn-based hybrid band (Americana, classic rock, alt-country) release their self-titled 2nd album that’s chock full of heartfelt and tuneful songs.

Massy Ferguson - Rich Zollner Photography

Video Premiere: "Maybe The Gods" by Massy Ferguson

23 April 2019

Seattle-based veteran Americana-rock band Massy Ferguson deliver a rousing and engaging video/song from their upcoming 5th LP.

Danielia Cotton

Video Premiere: "She Too" by Danielia Cotton

22 April 2019

New Jersey-born, New York based blues-rock artist Danielia Cotton releases a socio-econo-politically powerful and relevant video.

Tim Baker - Britney Townsend

Album Premiere: Forever Overhead by Tim Baker

19 April 2019

Canadian singer-songwriter Tim Baker, of indie rock band Hey Rosetta!, releases his heartwarming, vibrant, and insightful debut solo LP.


NEWS: Renowned post-punk stalwarts The Membranes return with new single ahead of LP

19 April 2019

The band’s 8th studio album, What Nature Gives… Nature Takes Away, will arrive on June 7th via Cherry Red Records.

Dinosoul live - Photo Credit: Tom Bush

Song Premiere: "Let Me Go" by Dinosoul

19 April 2019

Dark pop/indie rock duo Dinosoul drop a lyrically perceptive and sonically propulsive synth-rock track about positive change.