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The Big Takeover #79

Big Takeover Exclusives

The Vibrators - The Epic Years 1976-1978 box set

News: The Vibrators: The Epic Years 1976-78 box set via Cherry Red Records

24 February 2017

Seminal UK punk band The Vibrators gets its due with an upcoming 4-CD box set via Cherry Red Records.


Song Premiere: "Hello Cruel World" by The Flywheels

23 February 2017

Psych-pop duo The Flywheel’s new album is a shining tribute to its bassist, Eric Scott, who passed away just over a year ago.

Young Astronaut; Photo Credit: Jack Fairey

Video Premiere: "Chasing El Dorado" by Young Astronaut

22 February 2017

UK indie rock/pop four-piece Young Astronaut drops a reflective to upbeat single and story-telling video that takes place at a rollerskating rink.


Song Premiere: "Hope" by Analogue Wave

21 February 2017

After a three year hiatus, Dublin, Ireland-based electronic duo Analogue Wave unveils its new single off its upcoming album.

Lindsay Murray of Gretchen's Wheel; Photo Credit: Amanda Warner

Song Premiere: "Left Turn" by Gretchen's Wheel

20 February 2017

Singer-songwriter/musician Lindsay Murray of Gretchen’s Wheel address the passage of time and making each moment count on her new single.

Secret Shine; Photo Credit: Secret Shine

Song Premiere: "For You" by Secret Shine

17 February 2017

Seminal British dream-pop pioneers Secret Shine return with a captivating album that evokes the heady shoegaze days as well as showcases their indie pop chops.

Freakabout; Photo Credit:Huy Nguyen

Video Premiere: "Yellow Light" by Freakabout

16 February 2017

Lincoln, Nebraska four-piece rock band Freakabout tackles the topic of overcoming setbacks on a strong single and video.

CryFace; Photo Credit: Jessica Irgens

Video Premiere: "Stone Me" by CryFace

15 February 2017

American indie rock band CryFace blends slacker pop and garage rock on its latest single with accompanying video.


Video Premiere: "Say Can You" by Divisionists

14 February 2017

British power pop/psych rock band Divsionists drops a catchy, lively, and wistful pop-rock single and animated video.

The Two Tens; Photo Credit: Chris Barber

Song Premiere: "Bama Lama Bama Loo" (Little Richard cover) by The Two Tens

13 February 2017

LA-based garage-rock duo The Two Tens twists ‘n’ shakes through a rousing cover of Little Richard’s 1964 tune.

The Muffs; Photo Credit: Alison Dyer

Song Premiere: "The Best Time Around" (Demo) by The Muffs

10 February 2017

Seminal alternative rock/pop band The Muffs gets the reissue treatment for its influential 3rd album Happy Birthday To Me from 1997.

Visceral Candy feat Tim Stiles; Photo Credit: TBASA

Song Premiere: "Plastic Sleep" by Visceral Candy feat. Tim Stiles

9 February 2017

Visceral Candy mixes it up hip-hop/rock style with Passion Party’s Tim Stiles on an lively, lyrics-centric new single.

Scott Taylor; Photo Credit: Terri Haskins

Video Premiere: "Alabama Babe" by Scott Taylor

9 February 2017

Veteran soul and blues artist Scott Taylor offers up a saucy new video from a cut off his latest album Blues Kitchen.

The Rizzos; Photo Credit: Seth Applebaum

Album Premiere: No Parents No Rules 2: Beneath the Planet of No Rules EP by The Rizzos

8 February 2017

Brooklyn-based garage rock band The Rizzos serves up an EP that mixes new studio cuts with live classic rippers.

Neville Staple; Photo Credit: John Coles

Song Premiere: "Return of Judge Roughneck" by Neville Staple

7 February 2017

Legendary music-changing ska pioneer Neville Staple (The Specials, Fun Boy Three, The Special Beat) is back with a fun ska dance track.


Song Premiere: "CR-VUC" by Snowball II

6 February 2017

Shoegaze/indie rock/noise collective Snowball II rolls along with a refreshing single featuring Kurt Heasley of Lilys.

Cindy Lee Berryhill; Photo Credit: Joe Murray

Song Premiere: "American Cinematography" by Cindy Lee Berryhill

6 February 2017

Renowned singer-songwriter/guitarist Cindy Lee Berryhill returns with an album that lovingly celebrates her partnership with, and the life of, her late husband, Crawdaddy! magazine founder/rock critic Paul Williams.

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Live

Album Premiere: Albums & Singles 1982-1989: 4CD Clamshell Box by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

3 February 2017

Cherry Red Records unveils the ultimate retrospective collection on UK 1980s (and still active) punk/goth band Red Lorry Yellow Lorry.

World War IX; Photo Credit: World War IX

Video Premiere: "Have You Seen My Drugs?" by World War IX

2 February 2017

Brooklyn’s World War IX carries the banner of vintage American punk music with a fun and manic video (with political commentary) for its latest single

Bastards of Fate; Photo Credit: Kent Moore

Video Premiere: "Dark Matter" by The Bastards of Fate

2 February 2017

The Bastards of Fate continues to puzzle and provoke with a new video for a single off its upcoming album on HHBTM Records.


Album Premiere: Doomsday EP by Reptilians From Andromeda

1 February 2017

Turkish underground garage rock/punk band Reptilians From Andromeda keeps it gritty, distorted, and real on its new EP.


Song Premiere: "Diminished Returns" by Crushed Stars

1 February 2017

Crushed Stars shines from the shadows on an introspective, ambient pop single from its upcoming album.

John Fryer; Photo Credit: Marquis

Song Premiere: "Swimming Through Dreams" by Black Needle Noise

30 January 2017

John Fryer of 4AD’s legendary This Mortal Coil returns with captivating collaborative music project Black Needle Noise.


Video Premiere: "Sun Don't Shine" by Allyson Seconds

30 January 2017

Allyson Seconds, wife of Kevin Seconds of 7 Seconds, reveals a new video for a track off her latest California-pop album.

RuckwaterPhotoCreditJarkko Metsälammi

Album Premiere: Bonehead EP by Rückwater

27 January 2017

Finnish three-headed stoner rock monster Rückwater runs amok on a raw, rampaging, riffs-filled new EP.

Queue; Photo Credit: Rebecca Aronow

Video Premiere: "More" by Queue

26 January 2017

Ethereal indie rock band Queue lines up a live performance video that glides by with reflective, guitar-driven finesse.

The Holiday Crowd; Photo Credit: The Holiday Crowd

Video Premiere: "I Need This Bed To Myself" by The Holiday Crowd

25 January 2017

Canadian Anglo-pop band The Holiday Crowd carries the jangle-pop torch on its latest up-tempo single and video.


Video Premiere: Pure Phase Ensemble 6 feat. Anton Newcombe documentary

24 January 2017

Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre), along with Emil Nikolaisen (Serena Maneesh) and 6 top Polish musicians, took part in psych-rock SpaceFest! as Pure Phase Ensemble 6.


Video Premiere: "Don't Mention The War" by Peter Holsapple

23 January 2017

Peter Holsapple (the dB’s and Continental Drifters) returns with his first solo venture in more than 20 years.

Gregory Uhlmann; Photo Credit: Maren Celest

Song Premiere: "Forgo The Thought" by Gregory Uhlmann

20 January 2017

Composer and songwriter Gregory Uhlmann merges minimalist chamber-pop with introspective folk on his meditative new album.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults; Photo Credit: Ali Copeland

Video Premiere: "Starlet" by Letting Up Despite Great Faults

19 January 2017

Austin, Texas-residing dream-pop trio Letting Up Despite Great Faults drops a new video before the release of its upbeat EP.

Blushing; Photo Credit: Jake Soto

Song Premiere: "Tether" by Blushing

19 January 2017

Austin, Texas-based dream-pop/shoegaze band Blushing channels the heady days of ’90s UK shoegaze on a captivating new EP.

Dan Webb; Photo Credit: Wilk

Album Premiere: Oedipus The King by Dan Webb

18 January 2017

Australian psych pop maestro Dan Webb drops a timely album about toxic politics right before Inauguration Day.

Rose Berlin; Photo Credit: Rose Berlin

Video Premiere: "Under My Skin" by SPC ECO

17 January 2017

Dean Garcia (Curve, S T F U, M A D) is joined by his daughter Rose Berlin on their ongoing atmospheric music adventures as SPC ECO.


Song Premiere: "Disappearing" by Mark Porkchop Holder

16 January 2017

Blues singer-songwriter and musician Mark Porkchop Holder brings his struggles and truth to his upcoming blistering debut album.

Modern English; Photo Credit

Song Premiere: "Sweet Revenge" by Modern English

16 January 2017

After 3 decades away, British post-punk innovators Modern English motivate with 2nd single from their upcoming album.

The Blue Aeroplanes

NEWS: Gerard Langley of The Blue Aeroplanes details his band's Top 5 Tracks

13 January 2017

In an exclusive scoop for The Big Takeover, Gerard Langley, poet and singer of The Blue Aeroplanes, gives a list, with details, of his Top 5 Aeroplanes Tracks.

Daydream Machine; Photo Credit: William Landers

Video Premiere: "Modern Prophecy" by Daydream Machine

12 January 2017

Portland-based post-punk/psych rock band Daydream Machine drops a new video ahead of its upcoming LP due in March.

Vivian Cook; Photo Credit: Matthew Roe

Song Premiere: "Just Kids" by Vivian Cook

5 January 2017

San Francisco-residing singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Vivian Cook makes her mark with a powerful new single.

Freel Freeze; Photo Credit: Emilie Marie Kjær

Video Premiere: "Give Me Your Heart" by Feel Freeze

5 January 2017

Scandinavian transgender electro-pop duo Feel Freeze releases a new video for its recent light and uplifting single.

Soul Scratch; Photo Credit: Elko Photography

Song Premiere: "It's Not Over" by Soul Scratch

4 January 2017

L.A.-based Soul Scratch channels classic 1960s soul on an emotional cut off its new album Pushing Fire.

Electric Floor; Photo Credit: Debora Chiarelli

Song Premiere: "Bluedive" by Electric Floor

3 January 2017

Italian electro/synth-rock trio Electric Floor explores moody New Wave with compelling vocals on its restless new single.

TheUse; Photo Credit: Michael Durek

Song Premiere: "Journey To Truth" feat. Black Saturn and Charvak R. Jagtap by TheUse

2 January 2017

NYC-based artist TheUse delivers an experimental electronic collaboration with cohorts Black Saturn and Charvak R. Jagtap.

Daniel Land; Photo Credit: Sue Westwood-Ruttledge

Song Premiere: "The Beautiful Room is Empty" by Daniel Land

29 December 2016

British ambient/dream-pop artist Daniel Land releases a richly textured piece and final track off his new album.

Vertigo - Promo Shot

Video Premiere: "Get Away" by Vertigo

28 December 2016

Brisbane, Australia indie/alt rock band Vertigo spins its spirited debut single with the American premiere of its accompanying video.

Equinox - "Goodbye" single

Song Premiere: "Goodbye" (feat. Dementio13) by Equinox

27 December 2016

British spoken word artist Equinox drops a shadowy, ambient single driven by his voice and synth sonics from Dementio13.

Lost Tapes; Photo Credit: Jordi Santos

Song Premiere: "Teardrops" by Lost Tapes

26 December 2016

Spanish dream-pop duo Lost Tapes evokes a strong sense of nostalgia on new tune “Teardrops” and upcoming compilation album.

Goodbye Heart; Photo Credit: Ryan Feddern

Album Premiere: Keep Me Close by Goodbye Heart

23 December 2016

Goodbye Heart, the Seattle electronic/dream-pop duo with NYC roots, creates an emotional, multi-layered sonic experience on its debut album.

CaStLeS; Photo Credit: CaStLeS

Song Premiere: "Heed Your Desire" by CaStLeS

22 December 2016

North Wales-based psych-tinged alternative rock band CaStLes drops the mellow ‘n’ hazy folk number “Heed Your Desire”.

Chris Bowen; Photo Credit: Will Johnson

Video Premiere: "Picture" by Chris Bowen

21 December 2016

Singer-songwriter Chris Bowen spins a storytelling song and video conveying the inner strength of the protagonist at its center.