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Big Takeover Issue #83

Big Takeover Exclusives

The Sh-Booms - Photo Credit: James Hand

Album Premiere: The Blurred Odyssey by The Sh-Booms

21 March 2019

Florida-located hotly tipped garage/soul rock outfit The Sh-Booms explode with heartfelt passion on their debut LP via Limited Fanfare.

Monnone Alone

Video Premiere: "Do it Twice" by Monnone Alone

21 March 2019

Australian indie pop band Monnone Alone (led by ex-Lucksmiths bassist Mark Monnone) drop a brisk power popper shining with vocal harmonies.

Sleepspentby Jesse Corbin Maynes

Song Premiere: "Noise" by Sleepspent

20 March 2019

El Paso-based atmospheric indie rock band Sleepspent (led by Austin North) unveil a deeply personal, dynamic, and passionate single.

The Jasmine Minks - live - Matt Jolly

Song Premiere: "Step by Step" 7" by The Jasmine Minks

19 March 2019

First band signed to Alan McGee’s Creation Records label, The Jasmine Minks are back with a captivating new 7” single.

The Claim - Gary Williams

Song Premiere: "Journey" by The Claim

19 March 2019

Veteran British C86-styled indie band The Claim’s seminal 1988 LP re-releasing via A Turntable Friend Records, plus new album in May.

Fox Grin  Jason Lee Denton

Album Premiere: Dusk by Fox Grin

19 March 2019

Nashville/Atlanta art rock/indie pop band Fox Grin drop a vibrant, melodic, and lush album that teems with orchestral flourishes and velvety vocals.

Brandtson - Steadfast Records

Video Premiere: "Blindspot" by Brandtson

18 March 2019

Renowned and influential 1990s emo/rock band Brandtson’s debut album Letterbox gets a proper reissue via Steadfast Records.

Goat Roper Rodeo Band - Photo Credit: Chris Bailey

Video Premiere: "The Pulse" (Silk Mill Sessions) by Goat Roper Rodeo Band

18 March 2019

UK country-blues trio Goat Ropers Rodeo Band release a heartfelt acoustic live performance video from Silk Mill Recording Studios.

Alice Tambourine Lover - live - Photo Credit: Reynald Reyland

Album Premiere: Down Below by Alice Tambourine Lover

15 March 2019

Italian psych-folk/blues duo Alice Tambourine Lover mesmerize on their hypnotic and lysergic 4th LP out via Go Down Records.


NEWS: Electronic artist and producer Terabyte releases new 4-song EP

15 March 2019

San Francisco electronic music artist and producer (and world traveler) Terabyte recently released her catchy, pop-oriented EP.

Seasurfer - Photo Credit: Christian Klepp 2

Video Premiere: "venusberg" by Seasurfer

15 March 2019

Continually evolving German dream-punk/shoegaze band Seasurfer add a peppering of electronics to their new tune out via Saint Marie Records.

The Cabin Fever

Video Premiere: "B-L-S-H" (Slowmix) by The Cabin Fever

14 March 2019

L.A. indie rock/pop band The Cabin Fever drop a strangely mesmerizing slowed-down remix and video of an already-hazy single to haunting effect.

Mythological Horses

Video Premiere: "Hot Dog" by Mythological Horses

13 March 2019

Alternative rock band Mythological Horses (w/ members of TAD, Fastbacks, Moldy Peaches, more) drop a yummy, yet macabre storytelling video.

6 String Drag - David Parrish

Album Premiere: The Jag Sessions: Rare & Unreleased 1996-1998 by Kenny Roby & 6 String Drag

12 March 2019

Alt-country pioneers 6 String Drag offer a rarities and record-quality demo on red vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day.

Dusty Wright

Video Premiere: "The Man in the Mirror" by Dusty Wright

12 March 2019

Singer-songwriter Dusty Wright delivers a lyrically revealing song and video about narcissists (that began as a track about the U.S. president).

Bohannon - >Bohannons - Photo Credit: William Joseph Johnson

Song Premiere: "Girl in Chicago" by Bohannons

11 March 2019

Premier indie Southern rock band Bohannons carry the banner for all that is relevant and resonant in Southern rock music.

The Desert - Photo Credit: Ania Shrimpton

Album Premiere: Winning You Back EP by The Desert

8 March 2019

British cinematic downtempo group The Desert delivers a captivating 2nd EP that winningly mixes trip-hop, torch balladry, and acoustic pop.

Phantoms vs Fire by Thiago  Desant

Video Premiere: "Ghost Fauna" by Phantoms vs Fire

8 March 2019

Natural, life-giving landscapes are the focus of a video for a sparkling synth-electro instrumental by graphic artist/musician Thiago Desant.

AstronautProject - Ricardo Zegarra Kawahara

Song Premiere: "Forever" by Astronaut Project

7 March 2019

Peruvian electronic/synth-pop band Astronaut Project launches an entrancing 2nd single that reaches a blaze of rock glory by song’s end.

Girls on Grass - Photo Credit: Amanda Thorpe

Video Premiere: "Down At The Bottom" by Girls on Grass

6 March 2019

Brooklyn garage/roots rock band Girls on Grass, led by music veteran Barbara Endes, are set to release a rousing personal/socio-political LP.


Song Premiere: "Rose" by Slowness

5 March 2019

Acclaimed drone-pop band Slowness returns with a hypnotic, spacey, and hazily smoldering track from their upcoming LP.

Your 33 Black Angels

Video Premiere: "Hott Funn" by Your 33 Black Angels

5 March 2019

NYC-based New Wave/space-rock collective Your 33 Black Angels drops a fiery single with accompanying video off their upcoming 7th LP.

Kin Kanyon

Video Premiere: "Fauxtown" by Kin Kanyon

5 March 2019

Vancouver retro/psych-rock band Kin Kanyon drop a cool-groove tune and video to move to off their upcoming 3rd EP.

Hush Pup

Video Premiere: "Oasis" by Hush Pup

4 March 2019

Heavenly ethereal/dreampop duo Hush Pup reach starry heights akin to Cocteau Twins/Liz Fraser on their stellar upcoming LP.

The Raging Nathans - live

Album Premiere: Sleeper Hits: Sordid Youth Vol. 1 by The Raging Nathans

1 March 2019

Dayton, OH’s raw, aggressive, ranting punk band The Raging Nathans unleashes a comprehensive compilation LP via Rad Girlfriend Records.


Video Premiere: "We Couldn't Dance to Billy Joel" by Tullycraft

28 February 2019

Twee pop/indie pop stalwarts Tullycraft unveil a fun-to-watch throwback video for a tuneful single off their upcoming 7th LP via HHBTM.

Paper Cameras

Song Premiere: "We Hear Your Name" by Paper Cameras

27 February 2019

Portland, OR-based power pop/indie rock outfit Paper Cameras drop an engaging, melodic garage rock single from their upcoming EP.

The Rezner

Video Premiere: "Micky" by The Rezner

27 February 2019

Hotly tipped British indie/alt-rock band The Rezner unleashes a brashly enthusiastic and high-energy debut track that swings for the fences.

Andrew Golding

Song Premiere: "The Builders" by Dragon Welding

26 February 2019

Indie pop/folk singer-songwriter Andrew Golding of C86 pioneers The Wolfhounds is set to release a debut LP under the moniker Dragon Welding.

Fred Abong - selfie 2

Song Premiere: "Firefly" by Fred Abong

26 February 2019

Acclaimed singer-songwriter/musician Fred Abong (Throwing Muses, Belly) unveils a hypnotically mesmerizing track from his upcoming LP.

Jessie Kilguss

Video Premiere: “Edge of Something” by Jessie Kilguss

26 February 2019

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Jessie Kilguss unveils a spacious, inviting video for a track off her latest mood-affecting, melodic LP.


Video Premiere: "Got In Me" by PRIORS

25 February 2019

Montreal garage punkers PRIORS perform with conviction on a video for an agitated and fuzzed-up track out via Slovenly Records.

Broads - Kelly Robb

Album Premiere: A Small Box Over a Global Goal by Broads

22 February 2019

British electronic duo Broads release a focused, slowly-building, richly textured, and melodic 5th album via Humm Recordings.

Gina Volpe

Song Premiere: "Make It Good" by Gina Volpe

22 February 2019

Renowned NYC-based multi-platform creative Gina Volpe (Lunachicks, Bantam) is back with a run of diverse and captivating singles.

Idyll Green

Album Premiere: When Love Ends, Be The Water EP by Idyll Green

22 February 2019

San Antonio-based trio-of-brothers Idyll Green take a detour from their indie garage-rock sound and groove to alt-R&B on their engaging EP.

A Fragile Tomorrow

Album Premiere: Generation Loss by A Fragile Tomorrow

21 February 2019

Power pop band A Fragile Tomorrow deliver a lyrically powerful, rich, and fuzzed-out Kraut-/psych-rock LP and detailed track-by-track synopsis

Russ Tolman

Song Premiere: "Kid" by Russ Tolman

21 February 2019

Renowned Americana singer-songwriter/guitarist Russ Tolman releases a gently glowing new single from his upcoming 8th album.

Moving Panoramas - ShelleyHiam.

Album Premiere: In Two by Moving Panoramas

20 February 2019

Austin-based indie/dream rock band Moving Panoramas release their captivating, melodic, and sweepingly dynamic 2nd album.


Song Premiere: "Elegy" by SP's

20 February 2019

Left-wing garage rock/punk-pop outfit SP’s fight the power with catchy and dynamic songs on their debut EP via Baby Robot Records.

Bromide - Alastair Indge

Video Premiere: "Magic Coins" by Bromide

19 February 2019

Hot London modern college rock band Bromide move into the future, as well as acknowledge the past, with a rhythmic, driving track.

Tiny Fighter - Rob Fitzgerald

Video Premiere: "Tell Me" by Tiny Fighter

19 February 2019

Swedish-Australian indie pop outfit Tiny Fighter drop the catchy title track from their upcoming EP.

Loose Wing - Doug Arney

Song Premiere: "Moving Blankets" by Loose Wing

19 February 2019

Seattle’s Loose Wing , formed by members of Black Nite Crash, Battle Hymns, Flop, and Fleet Foxes, drop an upbeat orchestral/jangle-pop track.

Raised On TV

Video Premiere: "Caroline" by Raised On TV

18 February 2019

Garage rock band Raised On TV release a cool video for a driving and distorted number off their upcoming 2nd LP produced by Mark Needham.

Patient Hands - Kyle Grimsrud-Manz

Album Premiere: Stoic by Patient Hands

15 February 2019

Canadian post-rock/ambient/folk singer-songwriter Alex Stooshinoff, (as Patient Hands) offers his personal, perceptive, and gently powerful debut LP.

She Sir 2

Song Premiere: "Torment Operator" by She Sir

14 February 2019

Austin, Texas-based shoegaze/retro-pop/soundscape band She Sir set to release artful and vibrant new EP via ATH Records.

Waterfall Wash

Video Premiere: "Colors" by Waterfall Wash

14 February 2019

Nashville-located fuzzed-out synth-pop band Waterfall Wash drop a new playfully surreal video for a re-worked older track.

Lenny Lashley's Gang Of One

Album Premiere: All Are Welcome by Lenny Lashley's Gang Of One

13 February 2019

Punk rock lifer Lenny Lashley (Street Dogs, Darkbuster) delivers the goods with members of The Bouncing Souls, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and Street Dogs.

Ernest Moon by Brian Mugsy

Video Premiere: "Satdeenight Ready" by Ernest Moon

12 February 2019

Liverpool-located cheeky gents Steven Doran and Brian Murphy, as the act Ernest Moon, go pleasingly bonkers on a new tune and video.

Alilless by Auld

Song Premiere: "Alilless" by Auld

12 February 2019

London-based alt-/electronic pop band Auld release the restlessly kinetic second cut from their upcoming debut album.

Impala - by Dan Ball

Video Premiere: "Double Indemnity" by Impala

12 February 2019

Acclaimed veteran instrumental group Impala (with Emmy-winning Scott Bomar in the mix) drops a mysterious and artistic video.